Andrew Jackson

Hero or Villain

Hero? Villain?

I think Andrew Jackson was both a hero and a villain. He was a hero to the common people but a villain to the Indians

Andrew Jackson


Jackson as a Hero

Jackson was a hero because of his victory at the Battle of New Orleans. Also because he represented the common men, not the rich like the other presidents. The rich people unlike the common people who adored Jackson, hated Jackson and the choices he made.


Jackson as a Villain

Jackson also was a Villain, especially to the Cherokee Indians. The Indians were getting used to living with the Americans and learning there ways of life. The Cherokees even made there own language. But Jackson never liked the Indians very much. The U.S was getting bigger too so they needed to expand and the only way they could go was west. Since Jackson didnt like the Indians he forced them out of there homeland with none of there belongings, and most of them barefoot. The Cherokees remember this as the " Trail Of Tears".

Jackson and Democracy

Jackson did promote democracy. He promoted it by supporting the common people and the rights of the states. Jackson also got rid of the national bank. But where does the money go? He made smaller state banks instead. Which helped the common people because they worked there. The Business people did not like this because they depended on the national bank for loans.