War Baby

Pamela Holmes

He has not even seen you, he
Who gave you your mortality;
And you, so small, how can you guess
His courage or his loveliness?

Yet in my quiet mind I pray
He passed you on the darkling way -
His death, your birth, so much the same -
And holding you, breathed once your name.


Suggests a story about a baby born into the horrors of war.


Jewish babies during WWII were not able to comprehend the fact that they were born into death, because of the Nazis.

The Nazis had the Jewish people's lives in their hands and the Jewish people could only pray for the chance at survival.


Mortality is the state of being subject to death.




"His death, your birth, so much the same -" This shift focuses on the importance of Jewish people and Nazis both being living people that deserve respect and a chance at life.

Title revisited:

The title suggests Jewish-born babies are born into death and cannot do anything to help it.