Digital FootPrint

By: Luis Aburto

What is a Digital Footprint and Why is it Important?

A Digital Footprint is the tracks you leave when you're on the internet. Anything that you post, share, or even comment on, is your digital footprint. This is why it is very important you keep a positive digital footprint because it is out there for everyone to see.

What Does My Digital Footprint Consist of?

Twitter: Given that I am on my phone a lot I do participate in many of the social media websites that are out there. One of them being Twitter, in a sense I use Twitter for many things to express my thought about things or even communicate with friends. I always keep in mind to post anything inappropriate because anything negative could affect my digital footprint negatively. Even something as simple as retweeting something not very appropriate.

Linkedin: Coming out of highschool soon I am very open to new jobs. Linkedin is where i can post job related things on there and my achievements and where companies or any job can look at my profile and offer an interview with me. Given that I use Linkedin this can give me a lot of opportunities in the work force. This is where having a positive digital footprint comes in play because many people on Linkedin can look at your profile. If you look representable and have good qualifications for the job they're offering there isn't any excuse for them not to contacting you.

Facebook: Facebook similar to Twitter is where you can post things express yourself keep the people you have as friends updated on what you're doing. One of the main reasons I use Facebook is to keep in contact with people because mostly everyone have Facebook. This is why it is very important to be careful what you put on it. Something that you think isn't a big deal can go viral in seconds. This is why you need to keep your profile positive because then it can affect you in getting a job or even getting accepted to a college.

What Impact Does/Can Your Footprint Have on Your Future?

Given that I am very involved with sports and in school my digital footprint look positive on my end. All the social media websites I am part of i try to keep a limit on what I put on there because you don't know when you might offend someone.

Pros: Posting my participation in school and in the community can affect me in a positive way in the future. This can be the difference in a college acceptance or not. Being involved and having great people skill such as communications can benefit me a lot ealing with a job. Stuff like this is what Linkedin accounts need your positive feedback to the community and to others.

Cons: Your digital footprint can affect you very negatively if you aren't smart what you post or comment. Things that aren't very good on your representation of yourself should be posted online. This can cause you a job or even a scholarship from your dream school. Your digital footprint is out there for everyone to see so next time just think about what you're going to post comment or tweet.

What can You do to Continue to Improve Your Online Identity?

Giving a helping hand to people and being recognized for it. Posting things that show you're a humble person. Even posting awards you have earned such as in my case i've posted trophies i've worked hard for in wrestling. Things like these show my hard work and dedication these are the things jobs and colleges are looking for. A person who wants to succeed so by posting things that express the person you are in a positive way are ways that can improve your online identity.

What's the Most Important Thing You've Learned this Semester About Maintaining a Positive Digital Footprint?

One of the most influential lessons that i have learned from Mr. Mcfadden is that anyone can look at your digital footprint and is on the internet forever. This is why it is very important to be careful what you post, share, or even comment on the internet because it can cause you a job or ever a college acceptance.


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