American Culture New Deal

Josh Ward

Roles That Women played

-Eleanor Roosevelt played a major role in FDR's presidency.

-Frances Perkins was the first woman to head an executive department in national govt.

-Women were leaders in many New Deal agencies.

Roles of African Americans in the New Deal

-William Hastie became the first black federal judge in U.S. history.

-African Americans were also hired to fill posts in the government.

-Under the leadership of Mary McLeod Bethune, The Black Cabinet, acted as unofficial advisers for the president.

Artists during the New Deal

-Dorothea Lange was a photographer and chronicler of the Great Depression.

-James Agee and photographer Walk Evans depicted the lives of sharecroppers in the Lower South.

-Let Us Now Praise Famous Men depicted the reality of rural poverty and the great dignity of those who struggled.

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Popular 1930s Entertainment

-Movies cost a handful of pennies during the time period.

-Radio also continued to grow in popularity during this time. A large majority of American households had a radio.

-Movies during the time included The Grapes of Wrath, I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang, and Make Way for Tomorrow.

-I am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang depicts the tale of a jobless man who lured into crime.

-Make Way for Tomorrow portrayed the financial hardships of an older couple.

Sports Figures of the 1930s

-The time period is regarded as the golden age of sports.

-Legendary Babe Ruth ended the career until the mid- 1930s and was replaced with Joe DiMaggio.