HR Week at a Glance

Week of June 24

HR Week at a Glance

Monday, June 24

Board Mtg - 6:30pm

Eric Out

Tuesday, June 25

New Hire Orientation (am only)

Wednesday, June 26

Thursday, June 27

Eric out - am

Kim C - Out

Friday, June 28

Happy Friday!

Summer Vacation!

Our HR reputation is strong...let's keep it going! #yellowjackets

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In what ways can you in your role continue to strengthen the relationship between HR and the campuses/departments?

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HR Happenings

  • Time is running out to complete your Personal Health Assessment! Don't forget and save money on your insurance!
  • Get your pom-poms ready! We were invited to cheer again at the New Teacher Breakfast on August 1. More details to come!
  • We will be holding an AM session of New Hire Orientation this Tuesday. Our goal is to have as many candidates as we can prior to the construction in the Board Room.
  • We are entering that time of the summer when we have a long span until our next Board meeting in August. If new employees are concerned about not having a contract until August, please direct their questions to Kim B, Eric or Missy.
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