Weekly Newsletter

July 11th

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Top 10 in sales

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Congrats to all who qualified 1 stylist

Mollie Gossett

Christen Ward

Jessica patzell

Claire Price

Way to go Jumstart Earners!!

Jumping over $1,000

Maria Lourdes Larroude de Liguori $1,062

Earned over $500

Stephanie Lerch $563

Earned over $400

jennifer joynt $428

Nicole Arview $423

Earned over $300

Jessica Baker $388

Caylie Lehrer $357
Emily Sarney $319

Earned Over $200

Anne Fuertes $298

Jenni Crocker $286

Diane Wiley $279

Brooke Trent $251
Cara Whitescarver $247

Christina Viviano $228

Danielle Tarrazi $226

Jo Godfray $226

Lisa Santos $222

Sara Hammond $212

Courtney Gibson $210

Halie McNeal $207
Madison Bennett $202

Earned Over $100

Anna Maxheimer $168
emily meyer $122

Erika Hernandez $111

Weekly Home office Training Calls

2242 & 321 Core Skills Facebook LIVE & Call

Tuesday, July 12, 2016 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM EDT

Join your Regional Sales Directors in S&D Extraordinary 2016 Facebook Group for a LIVE video or dial In: (800) 747-5150 | Access Code: 6977091 to hear the top tips to book, sell and sponsor using the 2242-321! We will have a Q&A at the end, so bring your questions!

Business Basics Training with Jessica - New Stylist Training!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM EDT

The focus of July’s Monthly Business Basics Training with Jessica will be New Stylist Training and will be streamed via Facebook Live in the S&D Extraordinary 2016 group.

Facebook Live Meet Stella & Dot with Jessica!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016 6:00 PM - 6:30 PM EDT

Invite prospectives to hear from Jessica and learn more about Stella & Dot! They’ll even have to opportunity to ask Jessica questions and have them answered live!

To tune in, simply visit https://http://www.facebook.com/stelladot.

Star + Leader Call

Monday, July 18, 2016 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM EDT

This call is for Star Stylists+ to hear updates and inspiration from Home Office!
Dial In: (800) 747-5150 | Access Code: 2390843
For more Home Office Coaching calls and call recordings:

Weekly Online Meet Stella and Dot

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Monday July 18th 8:30PM EDT

Invite your potential stylists to our online Meet Stella and Dot every Monday night at 8:30 pm EDT!


New Stylist Training Call

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Monday July 18th 9:15PM EST

Join me for a quick new stylist training call! I will share my top tips for a successful start and I will tell you how you can earn an $800 shopping spree!!!
access 945831#


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You’re earning points towards a FREE fabulous beach vacation in Costa Rica for Glam Getaway 2017! And that’s not all! With this year’s extra EXTRAORDINARY Glam, you also have the chance to earn a GLAMorous unique necklace (think 14 karat gold and diamonds)!!!
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Look who hit the EXTRAORDINARY TRIP FOR one and is still earning! WAY TO GO!!!

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Lindsay Dixon 96,717

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Barbara Muehr-Ellis 82,136

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Mollie Gossett 77,162

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Victoria Maiden 74,551

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Christine Swartz 70,237

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Jenna Green 70,119

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Jessa Helm 66,402

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Kimberly Jones 62,991

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Morrisa Reynolds 57,087

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Kelly Cox 56,894

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Samantha Tunador 55,848

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Look at these ROCKSTARS who have already earned their level 1 Glam Getaway! Enjoy your diamonds ladies!!!

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Amanda Pollice 49,285

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Ashley Jarden 48,412

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Felicia Kettler 47,168

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Charlotte Pottieger 45,743

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Sarah Parramore 44,280

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Britten Parker 44,073

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Lisa Tyler 42,807

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Jessica Sigler 42,635

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Nicole Brawner 41,488

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Amy Ebberts 38,365

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Allison Lindley 37,512

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Katie Campbell 37,244

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Sarah Varnes 36,374

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Meredith Sorkin 36,166

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Samantha Reed 35,789

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Jessica Heider 34,315

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Ashley Ayers 34,196

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Kathryn Larson 33,980

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Hayley Bannister 33,648

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Margaret Underhill 33,196

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Karla Dofflemyer 33,108

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Ashley Smiley 30,349

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Look Who's Getting Close with over 20,000 points!!

Erin Hackett 29,242

Juliana Rivera 28,586

Katie Wasserman 28,120

Julie Canellos 27,616

Jessica Robertson 27,278

Amber Kraus 27,207

Bonnie Van Etten 26,923

Leslie Cumbow 26,736

Ashley Drissi 25,775

Kristen Kupets 25,474

Kristie Siroonian 24,768

Rachel Hudgins 23,681

Jennifer Hammond 22,932

Amy Jackson 22,525

Erica Smith 22,328

Meghan Edwards 22,174

Reagan Montgomery 21,870

Kelly Young 21,747

Erica Smith 21,133

Morgan Lyon 20,934

Lindsey Sodikoff 20,744

Mary Oden 20,563

Victoria Batz 20,367

Elizabeth Bein 20,300

Amanda Schecter 20,153

Hope Everyone has a great week. Let me know if I can help! XO KELLY

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