Tundra Biome

by Jake Williams

The Location of the Tundra

The tundra is located at the top of the world, near the north pole.

Characteristics of the Tundra

There are two types of Tundras - Arctic and Alpine. The tundra is an extremely cold climate, has simple vegetation structure and has a short season of growth.


Tundra Weather and Climate

The Tundra is a cold and tree less plain with harsh conditions. The average winter temperature is -30º and summer temperature is 37 to 54º. The yearly precipitation is 6 to 10 inches, which includes melted snow.

Ecological Concerns

The tundra is in constant danger from various things. Over hunting animals might put them into extinction. Another concern is global warming. If it gets warm to quick, the organisms used to the cold would not have time to adapt to the new changes and die out. Also Melting glaciers flood areas and destroy plant species.

Animals and Plants

Animals that live in the Tundra can adapt to extreme temperatures and conditions that are in the Tundra. The White Fox, Reindeer, Polar Bear and Snowy Owl all live in the Tundra. Types of Tundra plants are willows, grasses and mosses. Most plants tend to grow low to the ground to stay out of the harsh wind. The animals in the Tundra eat these plants to survive and gain energy to stay warm.
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