Yellow stone national park

By gauge and jake


We will fly to Wyoming and then we will rent a car and drive the rest of the way to the park and then we will camp in Yellowstone instead of renting a hotel room cause it's cheaper.

Our Food

We are bringing lots of things like muscle milk, subway sandwiches, cliff bars, tuna fish, mayonnaise, macaroni and cheese, etc. we are going to bring a all of our food so we don't have to pay for it when we are there.

Cool places to see when your in yellow stone

Distance from Wichita to Yellowstone

The distance from Andover to yellow stone is about 17 hours if you drive but Jake and I plan on flying and the cheapest flight is about 209$ For each of us is 418 which is good for us cause we still have 3,528 dollars which is still more than half of our budget.
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