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Technology Integration Newsletter-November 25, 2014

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1st Mini Workshop: iPad-Reflector and Splashtop

Next week I will be offering our first technology mini-session in Room 144 (my room). The highest vote getter from the poll in last week's newsletter involved utilizing Splashtop and Reflector with your iPads. I will offer this session at two different times to accomodate the schedules of as many people as possible, so feel free to attend the session that works best with your schedule if you'd like to learn more!

Sessions offered:

Tuesday 12/2 at 3:05-3:35 PM

Tuesday 12/9 at 7:20-7:50 AM

What Will I Learn at this Session?

  • How to connect your iPad to your computer and display it on your SMART Board using Reflector and Splashtop ( I will not be going over how to download the software, but how to connect it, so if you need help with that please contact me to schedule something and I'd be happy to help!)
  • A few ideas on how you might utilize Reflector and Splashtop in the classroom
  • Some iPad apps that work well with Reflector
  • Suggestions for adapting your current teaching methods with the SMART Board to include your iPad, allowing you to move around your classroom more freely

Planboard: Unit Planning Made Easy

Planboard has just added a very interesting feature to their already amazing website! For each lesson that you plan, you have the option to assign it to a unit. You can add standards, a detailed description and other options to your unit, and then add individual lessons to your unit by labeling them accordingly. You can also bulk edit lessons by unit as well. This function certainly made my planning even easier, so I hope you give it a try! For more details, login to www.planboardapp.com to get started. You can also view the short video below.

If anyone would be interested in a mini-session on Planboard specifically, please send me a quick email! I'd love to share with staff all of what Planboard has to offer.

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Unit Planner

Formative Assessment Tool: Socrative

If you haven't already done so, I would suggest downloading an iPad app called Socrative. There is a teacher and student version of the app (or you can use the web version at socrative.com), but for our purposes I will show you what you can do with the teacher version. I am also planning a mini-session on formative assessment tools like Socrative, Poll Everywhere and Kahoot, so be on the lookout for those sometime next quarter.

To login to Socrative, you can use your school email account. Once you have created your account, you can utilize quizzes that other people have created in your classroom!

Socrative is essentially a clicker-like system that works with devices. You can login to a computer using your teacher account to enable quizzes and to view responses. Students can work from iPads or mobile devices to answer questions. For those of you that have a few devices (iPads or Chromebooks) at your disposal, you could have students answer questions in small groups, or share devices by having students take a quick quiz or poll and then pass it to another student when they are finished. This would be a great way for you to dive into using devices in your classroom without a huge time committment!

Resource: Below, you will find a link to a spreadsheet that is serving as a searchable database for thousands of Socrative quizzes that cover nearly every grade level or subject!

To Utilize This Resource:

  1. Open the Google Spreadsheet below, click the sheet called "Shared Quizzes" at the bottom, click the "Filter" button (it looks like a funnel) and type in your search.
  2. If you see a quiz you'd like to try, write down the "SOC" number.
  3. In your teacher account, click on "Manage Quizzes" and "Import Quiz."
  4. The first option at this point allows you to enter in the "SOC" number. Click import quiz, and you will now be able to find it in "My Quizzes" on the dashboard.
  5. When you are ready to start an activity, click "Start a Quiz" from the dashboard. Students will use the Student Socrative app or they can go to m.socrative.com on a device. They will be asked to enter your room number, which is displayed at the top of your device.
  6. The quiz or activity will begin automatically, and you will be able to see student responses as they are entered.
  7. You have the option to save the data as a spreadsheet, to your google drive, print it or view it later once finished.

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