Sarah Weaver

2013-2014 Choir President!!!

About Me :)

Hi everyone! My name is Sarah Weaver, my favorite color is purple or zebra stripes, and I am a huge Texas Rangers fan! My birthday is June 16 and I am 16. This year, I am in Jaguar Chorale and Shades of Blue. Last year, I also had the opportunity to sing in Azure and Women's Chorale. You might also know me as Serena from the FMHS production of Legally Blonde! I want to get to know you, so just look for the tall girl with dirty blonde hair who possibly might be a little too excited all the time... ;)


Why would I make a good president? Well for one, I love everyone. You would have to try really hard to get me to hate you. I am also VERY responsible and organized, and possibly a little OCD, which isn't a bad thing. I have TONS of energy, so if you want some, let me know. I am always happy and positive, seeing the opportunity in every situation. I will try to make sure you have a memorable and safe year, full of music and other fun things! :D
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C'est Tout... Je Pense :)

Well I guess that's it! I would love to be your president and give you the best choir experience EVER! Haha :D