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Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Predictions of Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Gemini traits will get the financial support from spouse this week. Also, you will be able to beat your competitors. You will work with confidence, enthusiasm and better understanding throughout the week. Finalizing your plans as well as decisions will be fruitful during this week. Be ready to hear the views of other side rather than giving your judgment. Apart from this, you will have great success in the work field. Your horoscope advises you to make decisions deliberately in terms of relationships. This week, your expenditure will increase on domestic stuff. Besides all, you need to take care of your health because you may suffer due to changing weather. Be aware of pointless controversies. The Moon in your sign will act in the beginning of the week so if you want to start a new work, it is the perfect time. Your work will be completed on time. You may have to travel as well.

As per the predictions of Gemini Weekly Horoscope, gradually the situations would be in your favor. During this week, you will attract towards risky and exciting activities. Thereafter, you will be able to cope up with the circumstances. At the end of the week, you will definitely get success, if you will execute the financial transactions in a planned manner. There is a possibility that destiny will also accompany you. Ketu also inadvertently doing his job, so be careful, otherwise you will lose your cash in hand due to a little mistake. Last two days of the week are not so enjoyable for you but if you will take the matter seriously, then you will not have any trouble. You should plan for the future by taking advantage of the time. In this way, you will be able to maintain your financial condition.

Gemini Weekly Forecast advises you to do your work as per the limitations or pre defined guidelines related to that work. Struggle spirit will work to eliminate your problems in this week. You need to have some patience this time and do not become too much demanding.

Love Life

You will get the monetary benefits, love and co operation from your partner during this week. In addition to this, you may make a big decision in love relationship.

Professional Life

People who have Gemini as their zodiac sign will receive benefits in the work field as well as business. But be prepared as you may have to face the competitors during this time.


Stars are indicating some problems in respect of your health this week. Chronic diseases may irritate you so take precautions in advance.


This week, medical students will be serious towards their studies. In addition to this, students, who are in technical field, will have time to see good results in exams.

Family and Friends

You will spend good time with your family during this week. Also, you can make a plan to visit somewhere on this weekend.

Besides all, orange color may open the door of success for you in this week and number 6 will be lucky for you as per the astrologers.

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