Hayden Donofrio's Mixed Economy

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Mixed Economy Characteristics

  • A mixed economy is a mix and match of varying economic systems.
  • Most mixed economies can not be defined by a set of rules because every mixed economy is different.
  • Government can intervene in certain aspects of the mixed economy.
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    Advantages and Disadvantages


    • Countries can pick and choose policies that affect their particular demographic.
    • Mixed economies grow faster than other economies.
    • The government can save people from poverty while allowing private business to thrive.

    • The countries that have mixed economies often have higher tax rates.
    • Historically, mixed economies may grow faster in population, but their production rate is much slower.
    • Many famous economist believe there is no middle ground for economies and that it will eventually fail.
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    Is Mixed Economy suitable for life?

    A mixed economy has a very flexible grasp over policies and government programs. A mixed economy would be suitable for life because many people will have the benefits of private corporations while the lower class will be able to receive benefits from the government. These programs will make it certain that no one goes hungry and everyone has the chance to live comfortable and they have a chance to attain wealth.
    Economics & Government : What Is a Mixed Economy?
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