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Weekly information for Bear Tavern - February 11, 2016

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Note from the Principal

Happy Friday Bear Tavern Staff,

During the Self-Care Challenge, a number of staff members are drinking more water, exercising and eating a little better in order to slim down a bit. So I have decided to slim Bear Tracks down. Moving forward, I will eliminate the Tweet of the Week and will have only one article of the week (it may have to do with tech or it may not). If there are any really good resources, I'll add them on as needed. I want to make reading Bear Tracks a fun and quick way to stay informed; not a chore. Please always feel free to share ideas if you come across a good article or resource AND to give feedback if you have it. I want to make it user-friendly and efficient for you, so if it can be better, let me know!

Stay warm and enjoy your Valentine's Day and Presidents' Day Weekend! Be sure to enjoy the little moments, do something unexpected and 'smooth' for someone special to you, and above all else, get some rest and have fun!

Make it a point today at work to tell someone you appreciate them or even leave a little note. In science, we learn that matter cannot be created or destroyed. You can't just create something out of thin air, it must be changed from something else. But culture and climate don't work that way. You can create as much positivity as you want, it's up to you. Just give a few extra compliments, help a friend or colleague with a problem, or just share a laugh. It costs nothing and can make a huge impact. Challenge yourself to go out of your way to do something positive today (or two or three things); it will add up.

Happy Friday. Enjoy the long weekend. I really appreciate your work and dedication.



Special Reminders & Upcoming Dates

Information & Reminders:

SGOs - Please make sure you are checking over your SGOs to ensure you are on-track and your goals/data are appropriate. All changes must be made by February 15th. If you think you need to modify or edit your SGO, please send me an email (if I am the administrator checking your SGOs) or your supervisor, and let them know of your need to adjust your previous goals/data. OnCourse has just updated their system so that the admins can now edit and approve your new goals quickly, rather than having to go through Tricia Pinelli or Tony Suozzo. If everything looks alright and no changes are needed, please send me an email (or your supervisor) so that you can be moved into the "Final Implementation" stage of the process.


HVEA Spring Grants - Free $ to do awesome things!!! Grant proposals are due by March 11, 2016, but can be submitted anytime. This is a great opportunity for research and development and to try something innovative or exciting. If you need help, just reach out.

Optional Meeting - I'd like to have a meeting for anyone is interested in pursuing the Eco-Schools USA program. Essentially, Eco-Schools, USA is a framework that helps to embed sustainability into schools. In our case, it would highlight, firm up and reinvigorate many of the incredible practices that are currently happening. The meeting will take place on Thursday 2/18/16 at 4 pm in the library. The meeting will be an informational overview and anyone who is interested is welcome. CLICK HERE for more info about becoming an 'Eco School'. See article regarding Ben Franklin Elementary's Green Flag CLICK HERE

American Education Week - Don't forget to let Lauren know when you invite families in to share a lesson for American Education Week if you haven't done so. You have until the end of the year, but this is a reminder to let Lauren know when you do it.


2/15, 2/16 - No School President's Day

2/17 - Principal's Cabinet

2/17 - Faculty Meeting

2/18 - Eco-Schools Mtg 4 pm

2/18, 2/19 - Spring Book Fair

2/19 - 1st Grade 100th Day Celebration

2/19 - Spring Book Fair Kick Off (evening)

2/22 - 2/25 - Spring Book Fair

2/23 - STEM Open House (5:30 - 7:30 pm)

2/26 - Pre K Princeton Diner

2/26 - 3rd Grade Publishing Party

2/29 - AM Breakfast!

2/29 - Den Groups

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