Resistors is a Passive electrical component with the primary function to limit the current of the electric current.It is really made for the express purpose because creating a precise quantity in resistance made into a circuit. Plus Resistors are the most commonly component in electrons. The unit measuring for resistance is OHM, can also be E R for short.....Also most of the resistors have 4 bonds,Most commonly resistors in a electronic circuit have the wattage rating of 1/2w,1/4w.
What is a resistor?

What the bands represent.

Resistors have a Common bands of 4, The first two bonds represent the resistance, Third band indicates the multiplier, The fourth in last band would represent the tolerance.

All about resistors.

Resistors color code-Black, Brown, Red , Orange , Yellow , Green , Blue, Violet, Gray, White. The first band is blue the second one band yellow, the third band is red and the fourth band is golden. Construction of the resistors is very simple. WIRE WOUND RESISTOR- Is a wire of mangani or constantan is wound around a cylinder insulated inside the material. EX: Silver has a tolerance of 10% Gold has a tolerance of 5% Brown has a tolerance of 1% Red has a tolerance of 1% & 2% Green has a tolerance of 5% blue has a tolerance of 25% and violet has a tolerance of 0%.