Party at Gatsby's Mansion

The party of the unknown man

What happened?

Jay Gatsby hosted a party at his mansion. A lot of people showed up including Nick Carraway, Jordan Baker, Lucille, Mr. Mumble,and a mysterious man with big eye glasses. The vibe at this event is very upbeat and happy, people living up in high in the world with no cares. Everyone has money and they don't have to worry about anything. The unusual thing about this party is that most people there have not even met Gatsby. Everyone is spreading rumors about him at the party. These rumors include that he was a spy during the war, that he was in the American army, he graduated from Oxford, and that he killed a man. Now all these are rumors which means no one knows if these conclusions are true. People tend to make up stories when they don't know anything about a person. I guess we will have to look further into the story to find out who exactly this mysterious Jay Gatsby is.

Who is this man?