Levelland ISD Newsletter

October 15, 2020

Superintendent Northern's Message

Good morning LISD,

I hope everyone has had a great week so far! What a great time for a four day weekend. I hope everyone has a plan to do something that is relaxing. As we continue to deal with the effects of this pandemic, I hope everyone can keep a positive perspective as we move into the holiday season. What we are dealing with reminds me a lot like the "Everlasting Gobstopper" made at Willie Wonka's chocolate factory. It seems to never go away. Thank you for all your hard work and commitment to our students this year. We had the opportunity to watch our grandson play in a t-ball game this week. It was so much fun to get to see kids be kids and have fun.

Have a great fall break!

Jeff Northern, LISD Superintendent

there's A Lot of News Around LISD

Suicide Prevention

The LHS Counselors, Stacey Waddill and Susan Smith held Suicide Prevention classes this week. Sharon Davis, from ContactLubbock.org spoke to students about the signs of suicide and how they can help save someone's life if they are thinking of suicide. Each student was given ways to text (741741) or call (806-765-8393) to get help for themselves or a friend. Sharon explained that it often helps to talk to someone who is unbiased and not judgemental. If you know someone needing help, you can call or text as well. Thank you ladies, for saving lives!

Coffee With a Cop Day

Capitol Elementary and LHS FFA invited our Levelland Police to join them today for National Coffee With A Cop Day! It was a great day to have our students connect with those on patrol. Bringing the community together is a huge asset as it opens dialogue, improves communication that our police are here to keep us safe, builds relationships, and inspires students with a career choice. It's great to be in school to experience this!

National Yearbook Week

LHS students in Mrs. Kelly Buckner's yearbook class are excited about National Yearbook Week! We appreciate all the hard work these students are putting into completing the yearbook during perhaps the most unpredictable year to date. The yearbook staff are the school's historians and are already working on the theme and cover, ads, content, and creating fabulous spreads for a yearbook that will cover the entire year! This is just one more way in which LHS provides a career choice opportunity for students!

HOSA Elects Officers

LHS students in Mrs. Kim Hill's HOSA classes elected officers for their organization. The HOSA organization empowers our future health professionals to become leaders in the health community by providing educational opportunities, collaboration, and actual experience in the health field. Kalgarie Oaks was elected President, Michaela Watkins was elected to Vice President, McKenna Ruiz became Historian, Heidi Marquez was appointed to Reporter, and Makalyn Guillen was selected to Secretary.

FFA Helps Bill's BackPacks

Levelland FFA worked at United Supermarkets last Saturday to help Bill's BackPacks gather food items. They were successful and had 861 goof items donated! Thank you, boys and girls, for your dedication and leadership!

Officer Foley Makes Amendments Reality

LHS students in Coach Dusty Robinson's social studies classes have been studying the Bill of Rights. Students had the incredible opportunity to listen to Officer Cory Foley talk about their rights as juveniles and adults. He discussed several amendments, reminded them of many laws in Texas and other states, explained the process of respect, and concluded with what happens before a judge. It is great that LHS students get to build relationships with people in our community! Thank you, Coach Robinson, for helping students relate to the Amendments to the Constitution.

Middle School Science

Middle School students in Science class, tested the properties of elements to identify them as Metals or Non-Metals. #LevellandISD