1920s dance


Lindy Hop

Lindy Hop was the most famous swing dance in the 20s and it was famous in Harlem, New York.

Lindy Hop Trending

Lindy Hop became very popular because it was breaking at parties in the 20s. Lindy Hop made the foxtrot dance popular because it was like the foxtrot, but at a faster pace Everyone thought it was cool, unique, and different. The dance was the first dance that swung their partner in the air. The dance made it's biggest accomplishment in the Savory ballroom where everyone did their famous swing solos. The photo below is the Savoy ballroom.
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The Waltz

The waltz dance was another popular dance in the 1920s. The waltz is when a girl dances with another man and they can dance slow or fast and with your partner you have to make them twirl. The whole time you dance you have to keep stepping forward and to the side. Its in 3/4ths time also. The waltz is another form of swing in the 20s. The video of the waltz is below.
How to Do the Waltz Box Step | Ballroom Dance

The Tango

The tango was also really popular in the 20s. It was like the foxtrot, but more romantic. The tango is when you dance with another girl, but at a slow pace. You move side to side with her and yow twirl her around. The tango came from Argentina, but then in the 20s, it became really popular in the U.S. The most popular tango dancer in the 20s was Antonio Todaro. The picture below is the tango. This is another form of swing.
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Swing in the 20s

Swing in general is when you dance to jazz in a fast or slow pace. You can dance with a partner (girl or boy). It's also when you move side to side and when you lift up your partner over your head. All of those dances above are forms of swing. There is even tap dancing involved with swing. In swing, a person can make a circle or oval of people and other people can chose to go in the middle and do a swing solo. The swing music has European and African roots to it. In swing at parties it's super fast and you would see people flip each other, slide under each other, and jump over each other. Later, swing effected WWll because the nazis banned it, so it caused a lot of huge events of WWll. The video of swing is below.
Swingdance in Swing Kids, part3

The Flappers of the 20s

The Flappers were girls that danced in the 20s. The Flappers started right after the 19th amendment was passed because the 19th amendment gave a lot of rights to women. The Flappers danced the the dance called the Charleston. The Charleston is when you dance with someone at a fast pace clapping your feet on the ground and swaying your arms. The most known girl of the flappers was Zelda Fitzgerald.