The Sacred Acre

Mark Tabb with the Ed Thomas family


Adversity shapes character


“Adversity not only reveals character; it shapes it if we let it.”

“When you make the right choice, adversity becomes a tremendous opportunity

rather than a problem to be solved.”

It represents the theme because in this book the adversity of the deadly EF-5 tornado that hit the community in May of 2008. That then led an entire community to regain hope, that led to the rebuilding of Parkersburg, Iowa after the EF5 tornado.


Pain is a virtue
Without it
No one could hurt you

Without hurt
You would build no tolerance
Everything would look bleak

Adversity builds character
Character leads to personality
Personality is another virtue
That helps you in reality

Once you build that thick skin
You can walk through fire
And carry the fire within

This fire will fuel your aspirations
Your dreams will come true
And once you build your perfect life
For others to knock down
Won't be easy to do

By: Dustin Cleb

This poem represents this book because they all go through a lot of stuff that hurts the people and the community. It's hard of the family and the community when the tornado hit their town. As they work together they build character and get stronger. Then when Ed dies it hurts the community even more and they have to get stronger and get better knowing that he will be gone.