Sunrise Soap Company!


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Sunrise Soap Company - York PA

Sunrise soap company-Tour and make your own fizzy soap!!!

Friday, Feb. 17th 2017 at 2-3:30pm

29 North Beaver Street

York, PA

SUNRISE SOAP COMPANY offers a skin-healthy alternative to many of the harsh soaps found on store shelves. Sunrise soaps are made in small batches, contain high quality oils (which are extremely beneficial to the skin, providing moisture) and produce a wonderful lather. They use pure vegetable, coconut and olive oils, shea butter, cocoa butter, castor oil. Offering a wide – and sometimes wild – selection of fragrances to please everyone


1:30-2:00-- Arrival/ sign in/ name badges/ payment (exact change please)

2:00-2:30-- TOUR (free)

2:30-3:30- make YOUR OWN soap!!

$8 per student (tour is free)

** each student will leave with their very own fizzy soap they created!!**

Purpose: educational and socialization

Educational outcome: Students will learn about the science and art of soap making. Student will be making/creating their own soap with their fellow students. Students will learn about the beneficial properties of soap and how they benefit the skin.

OLS hours: 30 minutes of history and 60 minutes of science.

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