2C Classroom Update

February 12, 2016

Dear Families,

The last two weeks have flown by, and we cannot believe February break is already here! Since we last updated you, we spent a week learning in PODS (small groups based on the students' preferred learning styles). We continued our interclass Lit and Math Blocks where we learn with different students and from different teachers. As part of Move Around, Learn Around, this enables lessons and activities to be differentiated to meet the students' specific needs. The Super Snakes attended Brooklyn Prospect's first whole-school Town Hall meeting where students' achievements were recognized. Students submitted questions about our school community prior to the Town Hall and several were answered during it by experts. We hope for the Town Hall to be a monthly celebration of students and our school community. As part of our communication Inquiry unit, we went on a field trip to the Drawing Center where students analyzed the drawings of Jennifer Bartlett. Working with a museum educator asking and answering questions, our students built an understanding of the place that inspired her drawings and the messages she was trying communicate through her work. Students then made their own drawings that were sent home this week. We ended the week with a Star Wars Valentine's Day party to celebrate all our hard work and love for each other.

In Literacy, we have continued exploring nonfiction texts. We organized our notes on our research topics into sections and then began writing our All About Books! When we return from break, students will add text features such as pictures with captions or a glossary to help readers learn more about their topics.

In Math, students have continued their work on three-digit addition and subtraction. We have focused on having students recognize which strategies (such as using place value disks or HTO (hundreds, tens, ones) chart, drawing base-10 blocks, or drawing a number line) work best for them. We then encourage students to utilize at least two strategies when solving a problem to show their thinking and ensure they have reached the correct solution. We continue to discourage students from using the stacking (or "carrying the one") method since we have not taught it in school. While it is efficient, for young mathematicians building number sense, this strategy does not show that students fully understand regrouping or place value, only that they are following an algorithm. By using other methods, the students have realized that they have a better understanding of math than their teachers or parents do! (We continue to learn creative, new methods of solving problems from our mathematicians each week.)

Whether you are traveling or relaxing in Brooklyn, we hope you and your family have a safe, fun February break. We will see students on Monday, February 22nd.


Amy and Hannah

2C Announcements

  • There will be no school the week of February 15th to February 19th. We will see students on Monday, February 22nd!
  • Please remember that it can be challenging for students to return to a school schedule after a break and talk with them before they return about school expectations and rules.
  • The homework packet for this week is OPTIONAL. We encourage students to complete at least some of the packet (on school days). It will not be collected.
  • Families are invited to bring students up to the classroom during morning drop-off the week of February 22nd to see the classroom and what we have been working on. Please remember that class starts at 8:30.
  • BPCS Spring Gala and Auction, March 12, 2016 - Save the date of March 12, 2016 for Our School’s Biggest Annual Fundraiser —our Spring Gala & Auction. This year’s event will pay tribute to BPCS’s first graduating class of seniors, so we hope to have great turnout! In addition to supporting the Gala with your attendance, we are seeking volunteers to help plan as well as on the night of the event. Here are some of the things that you can do: solicit auction items, help with auction website and promotion, organize volunteers, help decide the menu, procure dessert donations, and more. You can sign up here or email auction@brooklynprospect.org to get involved — a little or a lot. We would love to have your help!

Happy Star Wars Valentine's Day

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"Reflective" Student of The Week #1: Susannah (WE WILL MISS YOU!)

Susannah and her family are moving to Nashville. Her last day with us will be Friday, February 26th. Susannah will be missed DEARLY, and we wish her and her family the best of luck on this new, exciting adventure.

Susannah was celebrated as student of the week for being reflective. Throughout her time at Brooklyn Prospect, Susannah has always been extremely thoughtful about her learning and relationships. Even while going through such a big change, Susannah has continued to amaze us with her positive attitude and reflectiveness. The students shared how Susannah is reflective:

  • "She is moving and says that she is excited but also a little nervous."
  • "She's very reflective because one day in math with Ms. Munger, she came across something that she was stuck on and she told Ms. Munger 'I'm having some trouble with this, may you please help me?'"
  • "She works so hard."
  • "In January, when Susannah did an exit slip at Math, she wasn't sure if she got the answer right, and Ms. Munger said 'Susannah you did a really awesome job and Susannah was happy.'"
  • "At the park, we were playing together and I was teaching her the monkey bars, and at first she couldn't do it, but she didn't give up"
  • "Susannah knows that she's moving to Tennessee, and she doesn't brag about it and she just says in her head 'This are my last few days I want to make them great!'"
  • " Sometimes in line I'm walking next to her, and when we get into a single file line and Susannah politely asks if she can be in front."
  • "She's been very nice to everyone, so it's her last weeks so she's trying to have her most fun weeks."
  • "She's being open-minded, too, that when she's done with her work, she thinks about if she could add more or read her work over."
  • "When she's sitting on the rug, she doesn't stick out her legs, she's going to stay criss-cross and realizes it's a privilege to sit in the front and tries her best to sit nicely."

Smiles for Susannah

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Sillies for Susannah

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Sadness for Susannah's Departure

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Reflective Student of the Week #2: Malcolm

Malcolm also exemplifies what it means to be reflective at Brooklyn Prospect. Other students gave examples of how he thinks about his learning in a constructive manner:

  • "When he's sitting on the rug, he used to go over to people and have side conversation and now he's ready to learn."
  • "He's nice to everyone"
  • "He's reflective because one day when he wasn't listening to the speaker, he was honest that he wasn't listening."
  • "When I'm sad and in a bad mood, Malcolm comes up to me and asks if I'm okay and makes me feel better."
  • "A long time ago when he used to be silly, he was reflective by remembering when he was silly and stopped being silly at inappropriate times.

  • "Sometimes he is reflective by saying in his mind, 'maybe I can do this challenging school work by myself' and does it!"

  • "I think he knows when to be funny and not. He knows when to make a joke and not."

  • "One day I tried to talk to him during a lesson, and he helped me by telling me I should listen to the teacher and can tell him after."

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Specials Update

Dance with Ms. Siby

2nd Grade dancers have sprung into their new dance unit, exploring the magnetic forces of attraction and repulsion. Starting with creating partnering dances, using actual magnets, and culminating in explosive duets inspired by the virtuosic dancing in the acclaimed Lindy Hop choreography, Hellzapoppin!

Please view clips of the video that ignited our creativity, photos that inspired our choreography and pictures of our very own dances. Enjoy!


Are you ready to hear the new news- the new Spanish? Ok, 2C is doing POD in Spanish! ¡Sí, en español! ¿Qué, qué? It has been very delightful to see 2C growing and accepting the language in different and challenging ways. We are great RISK-TAKERS! During Spanish Pod 2A move from different stations (15 min each) Reading, writing, art, Bingo and Rosado (Spelling game!) . We are practicing our writing in Spanish a lot!

Hoy viernes, 12 de febrero de 2016 we celebrate el día del amor y la Amistad, (San Valentin Day) by decoding Rosado Love Letter!!! ¿Qué, qué?

Thanks for all the support in our Spanish process. Please continue practicing at home by singing, speaking, reading and now WRITING in Spanish!


Ms. Rosado


¡Feliz día de San Valentin!

Hoy (Today) Spanish Love Decoding Letter!

Secret Conductors and Musical Codes

To compliment the current 2nd grade IB unit on Signs and Symbols in Communication - 2C musicians are learning to decode the secret musical symbols embedded in the songs of the Underground Railroad. While our focus in music class will be on such famous songs as "Wade in the Water", families can encourage students to expand their knowledge of the Underground Railroad through reading books such as Unspoken: A Story from the Underground Railroad by Henry Cole or Henry's Freedom Box: A True Story from the Underground Railroad by Ellen Levine. Additionally, students who play instruments such as the ukulele or piano and are interested in learning to play "Wade in the Water" can find the lead sheet (with chords) at:


A Science Update From Ms. Rosabal!

Super Snakes Physicists have really enjoyed the physics concepts they've been studying lately. They recently learned that the center of gravity is the part of an object where the most mass is concentrated, resulting in a stable and balanced center. As a tangible real-life example, we practiced “subway surfing,” or bracing ourselves as though we were standing in a moving, jerking subway car with no pole to hold onto! Through this, students made the connection that having a center of gravity low to the ground resulted in more balance and stability. Nearpod Thursday continues on in a new and improved format: Students watch a Nearpod presentation, which ends with directions for a hands-on lab, and then they go off and do the lab (either in partnerships or in groups). Students have done a friction lab involving race cars; a center of gravity lab involving paper skyscrapers; and a magnetism challenge involving all the school’s paper clips, and many more. Reminder! Follow Ms. Rosabal on Instagram @rosabal_the_science_pal for more regular, up-to-the-minute reporting on what’s happening in the Science / Art Studio Lab.