Green Meadow Update

Robert Rouleau

Remote & Hybrid Learning

I would like to commend all staff and students who are taking part in hybrid and remote learning. Recently, I was able to participate in lessons both virtually and in person and have seen the tremendous amount of work that is going into delivering lessons as well as the effort that is going into participating daily. I am very proud of our community at Green Meadow. We have adapted well and will continue to adapt to all of the changes that are taking place this school year.

COVID-19 Regulation Updates

After consultation with medical and healthcare professionals, coupled with a review of practices across the commonwealth, we believe that it is still essential to maintain the six feet of distancing between students and to adhere to mask wearing protocols.

With that being said, the district will be loosening the cohort sizes within schools. The cohorts were only happening in classrooms, not on the bus or at extracurricular activities or at home. This change will allow us to increase the number of students who will be attending school four days a week while maintaining six feet of distancing. While we wish that we could return all of our students to in person learning four days a week, it is simply not possible to do so and to maintain the six feet of distance required to keep everyone safe.

As such, the district will be inviting students to fill the available spaces based on the need of the students and their families in the following order:

1. Students who need additional support to successfully complete remote learning.

2. Students whose families are struggling to provide childcare on the remote days.

3. Students who would prefer to be in person rather than remote.

Parents will be contacted by the administration as the month of February progresses. Based on information we receive from this next phase, a second invitation will be forthcoming in early March if all safety protocols are being met.

Students who are invited to return will be responsible for bringing their own device to school (Chromebook, charger and headphones) and any other materials deemed necessary for their remote days. A take-home lunch will be provided if needed for students.

To be clear, it is highly unlikely that we will be able to return every student who desires in person learning to a four day a week model but we believe that we can increase the number of students significantly by loosening the cohort restrictions.

The district will be asking parents to commit to either remote learning or hybrid learning for the remainder of the year by March 1, 2021. This will ensure that we can bring as many students in for four day program as possible.

On a side note, students who return to the 4 day model, will be supervised by a Green Meadow staff member not necessarily their homeroom teacher. Students will be completing their remote work while at school.

Let it Snow!

I hope everyone is enjoying the snow that is piling up outside. As a reminder, please send students to school with the appropriate winter gear this week. If the weather permits, and if dressed appropriately, the children will be allowed to play outside during their break time.

A Look Ahead

Please note that February Vacation will be taking place from February 15 - February 19. We hope that all students enjoy this well deserved time off with their families.

"Walking School Bus" - Winter Walk

The staff at Maynard Public Schools, would like to invite all students to participate in the "Walking School Bus" this Thursday, February 11, 2021. Students will be meeting at the Mill and Main parking lot or at Coolidge Park at 8:00 am and walking to school.

This is a great opportunity to get some exercise before the school day begins. We hope to see you and your children there!

This event is weather permitting. A notice will go out if the event needs to be rescheduled.

Substitutes Needed

Green Meadow is seeking to hire three amazing substitutes to work four days per week with students who are seeking to come to school to complete their remote assignments. If interested, or if you know of someone who is interested, please email Robert Rouleau at

Preschool Openings

Preschool openings are still available. If interested, please contact the Green Meadow main office.