Paul Revere

By: Eric Conn


Paul Revere was a well known Patriot and is still remembered today. Paul Revere was known for many things. Three of them are being credited with midnight ride. Being a really good craftsman. What his early life was like too. Those are three of the many things Paul Revere is remembered for.

The Midnight Ride

Do you know about the midnight ride? The person credited with the midnight ride was Paul Revere. The midnight ride was on April 18, 1775. As a signal he had a friend hang a lantern if the British were attacking. If there was one lantern the British were attacking by land if there were two lanterns the British were attacking by sea. When his friend hung the two lanterns Paul Revere, William Dawes and Samuel Prescott rode off in the night. They were riding in search of John Hancock and Samuel Adams. They were searching for them since they were the Patriotic leaders. That is what happened on the night of April 18, 1775.

Paul Revere As A Craftsman

Paul Revere was a fabulous craftsman. He made many things like bells. Some of the bells he made still ring in churches today. He made loads of spoons made of silver. Paul Revere opened a foundry with stuff made out of iron. He also made a lot of cups made of silver. He was also well known as a silversmith. That is what Paul Revere did as a craftsman.

Paul Revere's Early Life

Do you know about Paul Revere's early life? Paul Revere lived in a crowded house on Fish street in Boston. He was born of January 1, 1735. He was the third child of 12 children. He attended school until he was only 13. Paul Revere's dad was Apollos Rivoire. That is what Paul Revere's early life was like.


In conclusion, Paul Revere was an important person in American history. Three things he had throughout his life was the midnight ride, being a craftsman and his early life. That is why Paul Revere is an important person in American history.

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Attended v - to be present at.

Craftsman n - a person who practices or is highly skilled in a craft; artisan.

Foundry n - an establishment for producing castings in molten metal.



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