South By Southwest Austin Texas

UK @ SXSW: Creating Meaningful Global Conversations in 2016

Creating Meaningful Global Conversations

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Emerging and enabling: digital, ICT satellite, design and creative economy, robotics and autonomous systems

Our proposal

We would like to bring South by Southwest to the UK and facilitate meaningful conversations to give British companies the latest innovations as they happen. Although there are companies who visit, it is usually a fragmented effort by individuals who are in the know.

Why not make it something that anyone can attend?

We see this proposal as the beginning of a conversation. If you'd like to work together in this year, the festival is in March. Therefore, we must move quickly. Next year, we have more time.


To make this time- and cost-effective, we propose curating a South-by-Southwest experience in partnership with your team. We will secure space and businesses and arrange a telecast so that British companies of your choice can interact with innovative experts and industry.

This can take several forms. Based on the Mission initiative, we begin our conversation with you by suggesting this:

  • Explanation and samples of the activities and value of South by Southwest

  • Conversations between US industry and UK emerging technologies to explain what they're looking for when they choose a vendor or invest in a new technology

  • Conversations with industry in the UK, for US emerging technologies, to do the same

  • Conversations with innovators about the latest in emerging and enabling businesses

If you prefer something else, we can arrange it. Please see below for more about the festival.

South By Southwest: A key annual meetings for innovative minds and emerging technologies

South By Southwest is to the full range of enabling and emerging technologies what CES is to cutting edge consumer businesses and Mobile World Congress is for mobile. This has been true for a quarter of a century.

In addition to exhibitions and lectures on key innovations across industries, experts and leading thinkers have created self-contained sub-conferences on topics such as bio-science and health, entertainment media, social enterprise, and much more. To get value from it, you need an expert insider guide to navigate and facilitate meaningful conversations.

The 23rd annual SXSW Interactive Festival returns to Austin from Friday, March 11 through Tuesday, March 15. An incubator of cutting-edge technologies and digital creativity, the 2016 event features five days of compelling presentations and panels from the brightest minds in emerging technology, scores of exciting networking events hosted by industry leaders and an unbeatable lineup of special programs showcasing the best new websites, video games and startup ideas the community has to offer. From hands-on training to big-picture analysis of the future, SXSW Interactive has become the place to discover the technology of tomorrow today. (taken from their site)

SXSW statistics (2015) *

• Interactive Festival Participants: 33,825 (from 85 foreign countries)

• Interactive Festival Sessions: 1,250

• Interactive Festival Speakers: 2,700

• Interactive Media in Attendance: 3,400

Household Income (USD)

Under 25k 5%

25-49k 10%

50-74k 15%

75-99k 14%

100-$149k 21%

150k+ 35%


45% Female / 55% Male

Job Function

Sales/Marketing 18%

Creative Development 24%

Business Development 9%

Management 23%

Communications 10%

Other 16%

Business goals for SXSW

Find New Business Opportunities 64%

Connect With Existing Clients 39%

Launch New Product or Service 11%

Hire Talented People 15%

Invest in New Companies 6%

Seek Employment/Contract Work 11%

Seek Investors 22%

Amount of decision making power within organization

Ultimate Decision Maker 20%

Many Decisions 30%

Some Decisions 19%

Specific Department 26%

Not in Decision Making Position 5%



  • Twitter launched at SXSW*

  • Cost of a SXSW Interactive Badge: $1295

  • Social chatter wrapup SXSW 2015: