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Impact of Wetherby Asset Management = Thank You!

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Thank You Deb Wetherby and Wetherby Asset Management!

SGMN acknowledges Deb Wetherby and Wetherby Asset Management as a Visionary Partner! Throughout the past year, we have seized every moment to acknowledge WAM as our partner in amplifying the voices of women and girls; to honor the positive work associated with doers, donors and world influencers throughout the world.

You made it possible for us to open doors in media through digital broadcast. Sylvia Global Media Network continues to be a leader in this arena, garnering attention and support from the tech world and media.

We invite you to join us at the table of world influencers in 2014 and stay with us on this historic journey. Most of all, we THANK YOU!

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Brand Integration

Traditional sponsorships include the familiar annual golf outings, annual galas and program ads offering a one time association to a limited audience in attendance. The measurable outcomes are most often goodwill and have value associated with showing support in that moment.

Traditional media ad buys are expensive based on the target market. All traditional scenarios require repeated presences of the sponsor. In time, a loyal following begins to associate the two brands, adding credibility.

SGMN provided Wetherby Asset Management advertisement reach:

  • Weekly via our radio affiliates 15,000 other radio host, specializing in topics from business to health. Each host has a trusted loyal community of listeners.
  • SGMN had 11 Features (!!) shows on BlogTalkRadio. With each Feature we were able to included WAM ads. According to Quantcast, there were 23 million Unique Visitors, 170 million Page Views and 31 million Visits! This is unprecedented access for a start-up focused on women and girls.
  • Wealth Psychology has steady growth in views, listeners and Followers. Example is the first show on SGMN T.V. climbed from a couple hundred to 22,000+ as we implement various social media and marketing plans.
  • WAM advertisements appeared in videos associated with Her Excellency the First Lady of Mozambique and Her Excellency the First Lady of Belize. SGMN footage was also presented in-country via the traditional media outlets in association with Project C.U.R.E. and Girls Fly!
  • March, 2013 to present - Approaching 1 million views on SGMN website.
  • June, 2013, In association with the Ministry of Education, Wetherby Asset Management was acknowledged as a visionary partner on all national T,V, and radio broadcast in Belize with the First Lady, and before 5,000+ girls at Girls Fly! during a five day live experience which was also simulcast globally via SGMN. The Special Envoy for Women and Families, UNICEF and the Ministry of Education are strategic partners in taking Girls Fly! with STEAM to every girl in Belize.

WAM services have been incorporated into the story line of Wealth Psychology and other select SGMN broadcast on the SGMN YouTube television broadcast, with continuing radio broadcast.
  • It is always our goal to bring the highest and best to our friends and partners. SGMN exceeded the12 month contract commitments executed with WAM.
  • We have more in store and invite you to stay with us.

Show Host & Topics

One Mission + Visionary Partners + SGMN = Access to more than 10 million in 2013.

Moving forward in 2014 with advancements in accessible technology to more women and girls.

  • 27 nations will have citizen journalist represented on SGMN, adding to our current participation of fifteen countries.
  • Girls Fly! on SGMN will launch in time for UNESCO's World Radio Day, February, 2014. Girls who are ages 10 to 18 will continue to amplify their discussions from Israel, Belize, Honolulu and beyond as more girls join in.
  • First Ladies of Influence - The Global Call To Action for Women & Girls Financial Health has commenced. Her Excellency the First Lady of Belize will co-host two financial summits with SGMN. The SGMN platform is also being used to elevate the voices and images of women and girls most underrepresented in their countries.
  • Pinnacle Five representatives five branches of the U.S. Military - Operation Reinvent is with SGMN.
  • Multi-lingual programs are up and running, with more commencing November 18, 2013.

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Expanding Our Strategic Partnership - Direct Outcomes with Influencers

Deb, I would welcome an opportunity to introduce you to several of the First Ladies, beginning with First Lady Simplis-Barrow of Belize, to discuss the the details associated with Sylvia Global Media Network and expanding a strategic partnership with you and Wetherby Asset Management.

The Inaugural First Ladies Financial Summit (May 12-16, 2014) may also be of interest to you. The First Ladies of the Americas (Caribbean, Central and Latina Americas), First Ladies of Africa (Namibia, Mozambique, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ghana, Liberia's President and Nigeria at this time) and select Asian countries are personally being invited by their peer, Mrs. Simplis-Barrow.

One of Our Many New Partners - Graduates of World Pulse - See Video Below

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