ECS Appy Hour

October 15th

Embedded Technology PD Coming...

Want to learn something techy but don't have time to attend after school PD? Starting this week, I will offer Technology Lunch & Learns during the school day. Grab your lunch, join me for 10-15 minutes, and walk away with something you can use in your classroom. I will have something techy for you and I might have dessert! See schedule below for upcoming Lunch & Learns!

Music for Parent Performance Nights

We now have an account set up for purchasing music for Parent Performance Nights. Once you know which songs you are going to use, please submit a Helpdesk Request. In the details of the request, please list the song title along with the artist as well as the date you need access to the songs.

Please help us help you by submitting the request at least 1 week before you need them.

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Password Protecting Seesaw Blogs...

Click the wrench.

Under Class Blogs, select Blog Settings.

Turn on Password Protect Class Blog

Create a password.

Click Save.

III.B.7 - Beginning Sounds

I am working on documents that have a list of technology activities/apps by skill. As I complete these, I will link them to the Model lessons in the Technology box. Here's the one for III.B.7 - Beginning Sounds.

EmojiCopy 👇 👩‍💻

Ever wanted to use emojis on your classroom computer?

Check out EmojiCopy for some emoji fun!

Here's How to Use It...

  • Click on the Emoji that you want. The emjoi you click on is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Click the copy button.

  • Go to your google doc (or where ever you want to paste the emoji), click where you want to paste it, click CTRL+V, and it will paste it!

Using emojis are great for little ones!

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Technology PD Opportunities

ECS Technology Lunch & Learn Sessions:

  • October 17: Using Seesaw Activities with Students
  • October 24: Customize Seesaw Activities for YOUR Classroom
  • November 7: Seesaw Activities-Make & Take

Deanna Collins - Digital Learning Coach

  • Collaboratively plan lessons with you that integrate technology
  • Brainstorm & explore new tools with you
  • Co-teach & assist you during a lesson
  • Examine curriculum to determine how tech can help meet your learning objectives
  • Help you Learn a new tool
  • Model technology integration with students
  • Recommend technology tools to augment lessons or projects
  • Troubleshoot & problem-solve instructional issues