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K-ONLINES brings you an unique and effective way to learn entire ORACLE apps for free. It's an India based online service offers you to learn ORACLE APPS END TO END. We recently started uploading the videos of SQL, PL/SQL,Oracle/ERP Apps on YOUTUBE. Every video is intended to teach you the subject to the fullest, and from scratch to End you can learn on your OWN. We do provide you every video which are being recorded at our offline service.


> K-onlines not only takes the offline classes where the Main Branch Office is originated, but also takes ONLINE classes all over the WORLD.

> We have been taking online classes to AMERICANS, AfRICANS, AUSTRALIANS, etc since 2013.....

> We teach you the concepts of ORACLE, ERP concepts in a simple and effective way as if they are the ALPHABETS.

> We provide you the SERVER ACCESS to LOGIN and you can accesses the tools to learn and Practice ORACLE/ERP concepts.

> Around 200 students of our company have been placed in many MNC companies like INFOSYS, IBM, ORACLE,HCL etc...


> LOGIN credentials helps you to access the SERVER to practice the concepts which are being told , that avoids you paying Money to download the tools to learn ORACLE Apps.

> User friendly websites to have videos to learn the ORACLE/ERP.

> Each and every concept would be explained in detail that makes you Super Strong at Basics of oracle.


The founder of K-onlines, Mr.B.K.Naghendra Reddy is having 6+ years of experience on Offline Oracle Training, and he has started of taking ONLINE TRAINING classes since 2013.As per the CLIENT's flexible and Required TIMINGS, we take the Online Oracle Training classes and would be completed the training as per client's Requirement.

> We teach you the concepts of Each and every tool that is required to learn ORACLE apps in detail and how to USE them and Access them with Required Credentials. The following are the tools you would be learning:

1. SQL*plus

2. Toad (also for SQL for advanced concepts)

3. Report Builder (for Report generations)

4. XML Publisher (for Advanced Report Concepts)

5. ORacle App Engine (with USER creation along with OPERATIONS.

> We do update you if any tool gets updated as per the latest ORACLE/ERP concepts at companies.


Globally, the ERP business in general and the ORACLE industry in particular are desperately in need of skilled professionals. The main challenge that confronts the IT industry is, how to identify and source ORACLE/ERP professionals.

K-ONLINES provides custom-built and industry-specific ORACLE Courses that will equip students with the needful ORACLE/ERP, and help in countering the challenges associated with the diverse ORACLE Projects. Our corporate training practices aim to equip company’s employees with the right skill set.

To enrich the knowledge & skill sets of young software engineers by providing value added training in the areas of Software Development.

To serve the industries by providing trained human resources in the above areas.

To provide quality Software Training & Consulting Services in the areas of ORACLE, ERP, SQL, PLSQL.

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