Moon and tide

by:keeton an whitlyn

The tides

There are 4 types of tides 2 of them are high tide and low tide they are 6 hours apart. gravity causes the tides.other 2 types of tides are neap tides and spring tides. the neap tides accer when the earth sun and moon are in a right angle.spring tide accers when the sun earth and moon are in a stright line.
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The moon

There are 4 main phases of the moon the first phases is a full moon the secend is a first quartaer and the therd is a new moon the forth is a therd quartaer and it gose in a cycle.there are 2 types of eclipes they are a solr eclipes wich happens whene the moon cast a shado blokcing out the sun and a loner eclipes happens whene the eath cast a shodow over the moon
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the big quetions

the moon an tides relate by the moons gravititational pull creates the tides.