Patterson Staff FYI

A Weekly Newsletter for Staff Members 04-25-2016

MONDAY 5-9 D Day

School Board Meeting

TUESDAY 5-10 A day

Girls Running Club Celebration-Walking to DQ


Benefits Open Enrollment 11:00-1:30 in the conference room.

MStep-Fourth Grade ELA CAT


Staff Meeting

TEAM Patterson Meeting 4:00

FRIDAY 5-13 D Day

Yearbook Pictures Needed

I am in my final few weeks to complete the school yearbook. Please get any pictures that you have to me next week. There are some grade levels that have not given me anything yet. Please take the time to do this asap.



Benefits Open Enrollment

Sally Johnson from the benefits department will be here on May 11th to help staff with enrollment paperwork. She will be in the conference room from 11:00-1:30

Patterson Night at Holly McDonalds

Tuesday May 24th from 4-7 Holly McDonalds will donate 15% of all proceeds to Patterson's playground project. How fun would it be for our students and families to see staff and TEAM Patterson members helping out? Give it some thought and we will have a sign up sheet to cover the times that we need you.

We have raised $41,000 so far and still need another $9,000 and need your support to reach our goal!



Mary Dolloff 5-2

Erika Stevens 5-6

Peggy Kraemer 5-17

Weekly Pledge Schedule

May 9- Marion

May 16- Shepherd/Dannecker

May 23- Teffer

May 31- Raymoure

June 6- McDowell


K-There were 6 hamburgers and 6 hot dogs on the grill. How many were

there all together?

1-1 There were 4 boots by the classroom door, 8 boots in the hallway, and 6

boots by the teacher’s desk. How many boots were there altogether?

2-Andi bakes a square pan of brownies, which she cuts into nine equal

pieces. Her friend eats 1 row of brownies. Then her mom eats 1

column. How many brownies are left? Draw an array to help you solve

the problem.

3-Draw a number line and put the following fractions in order from

least to greatest: 3/8, 7/8, 1/8

4-Anna collects stickers. 9 stickers can fit on one page of her sticker

book. If she has 892 stickers, how many pages would she need in her


5-Buddy Buckaroo is competing in an unusual rodeo. He rides an angry armadillo

20 seconds longer than he rides a panicky porcupine. He rides the porcupine 5

times as long as he rides the jumpy jaguar. He stayed on the jaguar for 2 whole

seconds! How long did Buddy ride the armadillo?


Kindergarten and Young Fives

Marion-Logan Hatfield

O’Neil-Charlotte Cornell

Church-Landon Kendrick

King-Avery Gutshell

First Grade

O’Brien-Tanner Greene

Silvey-Taygen Neuroth

Widdis-Joshua Thomason

Second Grade

Crowder-Joshua Dahlin

Miller-Olivia Irvin

Dannecker-Grayson Grant

Third Grade

Day-Rayne Coster-Black

Dolloff-Madison Wallace

Graham-Joshua Cheff

Shepherd-Jessica Stubbert

Fourth Grade

Hutchins-Jakob Panackia

McDowell-Mirissa Batten

Fifth Grade


Raymoure-Joshua Shaw

Building Calendar

5/5 Michigan Wax Museum (3rd and 4th Grade)

5/12 TEAM Patterson Meeting 4:00

5/17 Second Grade to For-Mar Nature Center

5/18 First Grade to Detroit Zoo

5/19 Volunteer Breakfast 7:45

5/20 Character Assembly

5/22 Tigers Game 1:08 PM

5/24 Mobile Dentist here

5/24 Family Night at Holly McDonalds

5/16 Reproductive Health (5th Grade)

5/27 No School

5/30 No School-Memorial Day

5/31 Fourth Grade to Lansing

6/1 Kindergarten to Longway Planetarium

6/1 Third Grade to Greenfield Village

6/2 Last Day for Preschool

6/2 Bridal Shower for Jen Brancheau (4:00 IMC)

6/3 Field Day-All Grades

6/4 Color Fun Run TBD

6/6 - 6/8 Fifth Grade to Camp

6/9 TEAM Patterson Meeting 6PM

6/14 Last Day-Noon Dismissal

Fifth Grade Farewell

Character Assemblies Dates

April 15th

May 20th

Each date is an A day and will be held at 3:00

Certificates will be in the copy room prior to the date. Teachers will fill them out and put them in Sara or Stephanie's mailbox.

Library News:

Some of our new library books are not scanning due to having the wrong number on the bar code. When you come across one of these books please put it aside so I can put a new label on. Also, please do a spot check of the library before leaving with your class. Our library volunteer is finding whole sections of books on the floor. Even thought she appreciates our students lending a hand she would like us to leave the re-shelving of books for her to do.