Solids and Liquids

I can distinguish between a solid and a liquid.


A solid is anything that holds a particular size and shape.

An apple, a block of wood, and a penny are all solids.

The only way they can change their shape is by force (for instance, if you bite the apple with your teeth or chop the block of wood with an ax).

The particles in a solid are really close together and don't move very much.


A liquid is anything that has size or volume, but does not have a shape.

Liquids must be contained in a cup, bottle, or receptacle in order to have a shape.

Milk, water, and juice are liquids.

When you pour milk into a glass, it takes the shape of the glass.

If you spill the glass of milk on the floor, it will spread quickly as it takes the shape of the floor.

Liquid particles are not as close together as particles in a solid, and they move around and past each other much more freely.

Solids and Liquids Video

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