North Vs South

Alex S Per. 7

North Transportation

The north used many things for transportation such as, river boats, trains, canals, and national road

North Society

In the north they didnt have any slaves. They lacked sewers and paved streets. 70% of people lived on farms and many suffered from disease.

North Economy

The north is where the industrial revolution started. That was a huge change in economics. Eventually manual labor went to machines doing it

North Geography

The north has four seasons.They have a lot of flat plains and rivers.There are also a lot of mountains. In the north they have hot hummed summers and freezing cold winters. There are lots rocks and coast line.

South Transportation

The south used boats, roads, and rail roads for there transportation

South Society

A lot of people in the south were land owners. In the south they approved of owning slaves and used them for a lot of work. There were very few free blacks in the south.

South Economy

The souths economy was based on agriculture.

South Geography

Very warm weather lots of farming marshes and soggy land