1000 Cranes of Hope Project

Project For Mr.Fredricks by Zyaria Redmond


  • Grants wishes.
  • Comes from the ancient Japanese tradition of senbazuru.
  • The meaning of 1000 cranes is hope, longevity, and prayers towards the sick that may grant your wish.
  • Brings hope to the sick.

Story Of The Peace Crane

  • Inspired by the death of Sadako Sasaki
  • Sadako was born in Hiroshima in 1943 and she was two years old when the atomic bomb was dropped on hirosima on August 6 1945
  • Sadoka seemed fine until she got into the 6th grade and that was when she caught a cold and developed lumps on her neck and behind her ears.
  • In August she was shown a colorful crane and was told that if you fold a thousand of them then you will get better so she began to fold cranes in hopes that she would get better.
  • A golden crane was built in her honor in Hiroshima Peace Park.

Zyaria Redmond

Zyaria Redmond