Wanted- Yellow Fever- Dead or Alive

By: Jason King

Plan of Attack

This criminal is to be considered armed and dangerous as its main objective is to attack the liver and kidney. This will usually lead to step 2 is the criminals plans; kidney problems, loss of appetite, fever, chills, and lastly yellow skin. Yellow Fever will only attack humans and other primates.

What to Know

The culprit is most likely to be found in the middle parts of Africa and northern South America. She causes 200,00 infections and 30,000 deaths; 90% occurring in Africa. If infected hospitalization is advised and intensive care may be required. It is an RNA virus which means the genetic material is not made up of DNA. The female mosquito is what will be transmitting the disease so stop her stop the virus.

Recovery/ Prevention of Attack

There is no cure to yellow fever so once you have it, you're stuck with it for life. Although, symptomatic treatment is available with drugs such as Paracentamol. A vaccine is available in many countries throughout the world and in some it is required to even enter the country.