Motion Detector Lights

Natalie, Justine, Anuragg

What would need to be changed about the school and why?

  • We need to cut the cost of and use of electricity and light used.
  • What needs to be changed is to swap out normal light switches with motion light sensors, because even cutting back on cost by those times you leave the room for a few minutes matters. It is one of the most expensive and most used energy in the school, costing around 108,825.78 dollars last year (note not all electricity is for lights) — that's a lot.
  • We can use motion sensored lights to help reduce wasted energy used.

Facts About Product

  • Fortunately, normal ones that are for indoors range from fifteen to thirty dollars each one, most likely only need one or two for possibly all of the rooms — maybe not even that.
  • They are not clunky and could easily fit — and of course we’re raising money to BUY and INSTALL them, and you will probably save more than you pay for it.
  • Since the lights won't stay on for most of the school days, the motion sensor saves money and usage because it is not on continuously during school hours. The amount of money and kilowatts is saved depends on the times it's not on, therefore it is a variable that sets back the equation to solving how much it saves yet clients and other schools that used them surely see falls in prices. Examples will be listed later.
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Details About Plan

  • We are proposing to raise money by fundraising and possibly a grant or tax reduction from the government for maximizing the energy efficiency.
  • We will have to raise money for the installation of one and actually buying one, but they are way cheaper than solar panels and you don't have to worry too much about a cloudy day or paying tons if they stop working.
  • Possibly you just need to do is hire some normal or special elctrichnician to come in and fix it or even a janitor if it's simple.
  • Possibly not all, but most rooms will need one, two or non. If the rooms that do not need these motion light sensors, we can use LED light bulbs that help not use as much energy.
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Who Would Install it and how would they implement the plan?

  • In order to have these installed we have a go to the main office and present this idea.
  • Then, if this is approved a electrician can come in the school and help install this.
  • Lastly, to pay for this we would use the money we raised from the fundraiser.
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    • $19.97 is how much it costs for the switch.
    • About 333 rooms in school, 19.97 times 333 equals $6,650.01. Depending on cost of installation, if you payed for a handyman it about 20-250 (let's say fifty), and who knows how long they will be working, but we estimate it will most likely end up around $7,000 to $10,000.
    • It would save money by lowering the electricity bill significantly.
    • Though it is extremely hard to know how much kilowatts or money it saves due to the lack of that information through several sources, it still is definitely a price off that could benefit towards something else.

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    Will You a Need to Get Approval from Anyone Befpr Just Hiring Someone to Install it?

    • Yes because you can't just walk in and put up some lights in the middle of the school.
    • Another reason is because you have to get the school's approval to do anything to the school of course.
    • We could go to the office and present this idea. Using their approval the school would then a hold the fundraiser.
    • I believe by then we would no longer be in charge, but the idea still would continue using the money that was raised.
    • Technicians would be hire and then over time the school would soon have motion sensor lights in every room in the school. Sources say that most are self explanatory and can be installed by yourself, but you can hire a technician and pay them hourly to install them. The process will be long and possibly a bit pricy — but it's not like we’re not raising moment for this.
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    Data and Evidence Supporting Plan

    • This data proves that motion sensored lights save more electricity than ordinary . If it worked for this school, I'm bet that it could work for us.

    Why Is This Beneficial Other Than Cost?

    • Why is this beneficial other than the cost?:
    • This is beneficial because when you are not using the classroom the lights will be off saving electricity.
    • It saves electricity and energy even if it was for several minutes that people are out the room.
    • These motion sensor lights will also make it faster and easier for the staff to lock up the school without worrying about the lights being on after hours.


    • People won't forget to turn off the lights.
    • They are easier to turn on and off.
    • Can save power and energy.
    • This also makes the school seem more modern.


    • The lights will turn off if the students don't move.
    • You can't turn the lights off during a lockdown drill or emergency.
    • Children might start playing with it instead of focusing.

    Will it be worth it to put in our school?:

    • I think this plan is worth putting in our school. Though the whole process and approval may take some time.
    • This whole plan has many pros, and many cons, but if you then remember that the whole goal is to save energy and resources in the school, then this plan to add motion detector lights in our school is definitely worth it.


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