Family Medical Centres

Family Medical Centres

Family Medical Centres

Family Medical Centres, offer range of health care services, to ensure your healthy life, by following our healthy life style. Family Medical Centres, have team of qualified practitioners with qualified nurses staff.

Clinical services offered by Family Medical Centres are divided in all age groups, for childrens, we have baby and child health clinic, immunization/vaccination. In this we provide through out extent, check of new born, from early days (on regular basis) to weekly and then quarterly basis. Family Medical Centres, ensure babies health.

We offer executive health services; that includes major screening tests, etc. general surgery is another service of Family Medical Centres, our services includes;

· Perianal conditions
· Gastro-intestinal and Laparoscopic Surgery
· Endoscopy
· Hernia Surgery
· Varicose Vein Surgery
· Endocrine Surgery
· Minor Surgical procedures

Family Medical Centres, provide general practice & family medicine services. in GP one we do regular checkups.

Family Medical Centres, dental and orthordontic services; dentures (put a smile on your face), fluoride treatment, fissure sealants, mouth guards, teeth whitening, invisalign, implants(invisible equipment to straten your teeths), extractions, veneers, inlays & onlays, wisdom tooth extractions, paediatric dentistry, fillings, endodontics, inman Aligner, smile makeover, smile makeover facelift, crowns & bridges, scaling & polishing.

Family Medical Centres, appointments available online and over the phone, we operate in major locations of Dubai.

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