Binary & Denary

Addition etc


Binary is the computer language. IE how the computers comunicate whereas Denary is our language IE 1 2 3... etc. The way we translate Binary to denary is simply by doubling. 1 number is a bit, 4 bits is a nibble and 8 bits is a byte. You can only have an 8 digit code. In Binary you write from right to left like in the Middle-East whereas in England we write from Left to write. Binary   1011Denary  8421 The only numbers used in Binary are 1 and 0. 1 meaning on and 0 meaning off. You only add in binary.So 1011         8421 this must equal 8+2+1 which = 11



Adding is really rather simple once you've got the hang of Binary and Denary adding will be so simple. It is exactly as it sounds. 1001 + 1101 / 9 + 13 = 10110 / 22 EASY!!!