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. That Perfect Gift – A Large Canvas Print

Finding that perfect gift for that special someone can be very difficult, especially if the person has just about everything you can think of. One gift that many people don’t think of, one which will always be welcome, is the large canvas print. Unlike original art work, a large canvas art piece is really inexpensive, but it’s one of those gifts that looks really luxurious.

Canvas wall art is actually a very affordable gift, and one that can be very attractive in the recipient’s home or office. This is that one-of-a-kind personalized gift; one that is gorgeous and interesting. This type of art work is actually known in the art world as a Giclee or art print, but unlike prints sold on paper or framed under glass, the larger canvas print, is actually printed on artist’s canvas. This gives it a more elegant look; it has an authentic artistic painting quality. But canvas prints are also better than other types of prints, because artists add final brush strokes to the print, making it look like a real painting.

Why Large Canvas Prints?

These prints make a real statement. They stand out in the room and are often images divided among Three or more large canvas pieces; giving them that modern split image look. They make an incredible addition to any home. It is this type of printed canvas that brings the décor of any room together.

What Type of Giclee Should You Get?

As this is a gift, you really need to be careful in choosing the right type of art work. Giclees come in all styles. You can buy modern art, realist pieces, photographs; you can even find sports related canvas prints. But when choosing art work for someone else, you want to stick to something safe like nature photography.

By photography, we don’t mean a simple picture of a tree. No, these are nature photographs that have been optimized and where artistry is used to make the natural aspects stand out. This makes the photographs inspire and awe, especially when printed onto these large format canvases.

An excellent example of being able to make these nature images seem even more hauntingly beautiful is when the artist turns the images to black and white and then emphasizes certain focal areas with colored brush strokes. This emphasizes the artistic quality and makes the painting stand out.

Size of Canvas

A large canvas print is a work of art made by an artist, although it may not be painted by hand, it is still a beautiful piece of work, and artists know how to create gorgeous black and white images from nature scenes that when printed on canvas are truly impressive. These are art pieces that measure about 96” x 32” and the image is split between 3 to 5 different canvases, making it an extremely large work of art that stands out in any room.

The Cost

As impressive as these pieces are, the canvas print is really inexpensive. For example, a canvas that is about 96” x 32 and divided into 4 to 5 different canvas sectionals runs about $150 to $170. This is a work of art that would cost thousands of dollars in any gallery.

Bottom Line

This is the perfect gift! It’s not one that will be stashed in a closet somewhere. This is the gift that will continue to be shared and loved for many years. Besides it is a gift that looks extremely expensive, so whoever receives it will be extremely pleased, thinking it cost you a fortune.