The Battle of Bennington

By: Austin cooper


The battle of Bennington was an important battle because it was an American victory . This battle took place in Bennington near New York the battle took place on August 16,1777. The American General was John Stark he was a big part of the battle. Bergoin lead his army to lake Champlain and captured a lot of American's. That is why the battle of Bennington is an important battle of the Revelationary War

The dates

The battle of Bennington took place close to Vermont but was actually in New York. It was on August 16,1777. The battle started at 3:00 pm. Most of the things that were on their schedule were August 16,1778 Bennington battle day (Sunday). August 17,1778 Bennington battle day obseverd (Monday).
Did you know John stark was the magor General for the Americans. John stark was born on August 28,1728 in nutfield New Hampshire. John stark prepared to attack the British on August 16, at dawn. He moved to Derry field at age eight with his family.
As John stark took the wounded soldier to Bennington. Colonel Breymann appeared with a second unit of Burgoyne's army, surprising John stark and his men. The Americans fought back; but exhausted and hungry, they slowly stopped.

Burgoin's army

Aware of the advancing British troops moving east toward Bennington stark decided to head them off rather than defend the supply port at Bennington. Therefore the battle was approxitmally 5 miles northwest of Bennington.
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The battle of Bennington

John stark of

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