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College Edition

We understand that applying to college comes with a lot of questions and counseling is here to help! This newsletter has a ton of helpful information to refer back to throughout the year and walks our students through our new transcript process, Naviance, and everything in between.

Senior Timeline

To help students stay on track with college applications, the counseling department created a general timeline students may want to follow so they know exactly what they should be doing during this important school year. Students can pick up printed copies of this timeline in the counseling office.
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SAT & ACT Wavier Information and Test Dates

To qualify for a fee waiver students must meet one of the qualifications listed in the ACT and SAT waiver information linked on the names. If your student receives free or reduced lunch they qualify and need to speak with Mrs. Wagner for their waivers.

If you need to apply for Free or Reduced Lunch you can do so on county website HERE

Please provide a copy of your confirmation form from the county for free or reduced lunch or your other qualifying documentation to receive the SAT/ACT waiver to Mrs. Wagner, the counseling clerk.

Once you take the SAT/ACT using a waiver, you may receive up to 4 college application fee waivers for your senior year.

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Hope & Zell Miller

By the end of August 2022, senior transcripts will be uploaded in GAfutures. This means that your senior is able to check and monitor their high school HOPE GPA, and it will include all credits from 9th, 10th, and 11th grades.

The next senior transcript upload will take place in February 2023 as it will include all credits from the 9th, 10th, 11th, and fall semester of 12th grade.

If your senior DOES NOT have their social security number on file, he or she WILL NOT be able to view their high school HOPE GPA. If your senior is unable to view his or her high school HOPE GPA in GAfutures, he or she must send an email to their assigned counselor to confirm that we have their social security number on file. If we DO NOT have their social security number on file, the student must bring in their social security card to the counseling clerk, Marilyn Wagner.

After all information has been received by Mrs. Wagner, the information will be updated in the school's student information system. Then, it will be updated in GAfutures. Please allow 2-3 business days

College Visits

Juniors and Seniors can sign up for college visits through Naviance. It is a very simple process and college visits will take place during AO on Wednesdays so students will not need to miss class time to participate. These visits are a great way to speak with college admissions representatives and learn about what different schools have to offer! Visual instructions are included below and students can sign up in three easy steps.

  1. Go to Naviance and click on the "Colleges" tab across the top
  2. Click on the "College Visits" section
  3. Register for any colleges that have signed up to visit Sprayberry


Naviance is a DELIVERY SYSTEM and college/career search engine. This is how counselors communicate with your colleges for transcripts, letters of recommendations, and any other paperwork the colleges require from Sprayberry. Students MUST add each college's name to their Naviance account under the "Colleges I'm Applying to" tab. Our Senior presentation walks our students through Naviance but we also have a Naviance help page on under the "College & Career" tab.

Ordering Official Transcripts

Our transcript ordering process has changed! Students will need to complete all 3 steps to ensure their transcript and paperwork is sent on time to the colleges they request. Please note, they must come to the counseling office to complete the transcript order card with Mrs. Wagner.
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Counseling Case Load for the 2022-2023 School Year

A- Da- Mrs. Lea Ponticelli, Department Chair

De-I- Mrs. Misty Hawk

J- Ni- Ms. Crystal Jordan

No-Ro, and Chattahoochee Tech/2 year college Dual Enrollment- Ms. Annie Soltis

Ru-Z, and KSU/ 4 year college Dual Enrollment- Dr. Tammy White


Counseling Support Staff

Marilyn Wagner, Counseling Clerk

Theresa Morales, Registrar

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