Harry P. and the Sorcerer's Stone

J.K. Rowling

By Owen Wurst


For Harry Potter's entire life he has lived as a slave, kinda of like a house elf. Growing up harry experienced weird occurrences, such as appearing on the top of a chimney or making the glass to a snake exhibit at the local zoo disappear. Near Harry's eleventh birthday he began to receive strange letters, that his evil uncle didn't allow him to read. Soon more and more appear until Mr. Dursley takes extreme majors, ending in his downfall. Suddenly Harry is submerged into a world of magic and begins to attend a school for wizards. At this school, Harry learns about his past, studies how to use magic and encounters the true power of magic. He then takes on the task of vanquishing evil, this task carries throughout the entire series.

What did I love about the book?

I love the magic world of Harry Potter. It can be enjoyed by any one and its writing style makes it a light read, much easier then Xenocide.

What important characters add to the overall theme?

Harry, Ron and Hermione illustrate the importance of friendship and how teamwork can overcome the biggest of obstacles.

Notable Facts about the author:

The demeanors were inspired from Rowling's clinically diagnosed depression, and Harry Potter and herself share the same the birthday.

Would I recommend It?

Of course, no one that is in their sane mind can dislike the Harry Potter books.