Bully's are no different than Bystanders.

What it means to be a bystander

*a person who is present at an event or incident but does not take part

You not paying attention and not saying anything IS BEING A BYSTANDER

Bullying Includes

  • Teasing and being made fun of;

  • Spreading of rumors online;

  • Sending unwanted messages; and

  • Defamation or putting down or damaging someone’s reputation

The bystander sees it all. You know what I mean. The bystander witnesses eye rolls, the name calling, the Facebook wall posts and likes, the Formspring messages, and even the more aggressive bullying techniques like physical violence. But often times the bystander does nothing. After all, were we not taught to mind our own business? Don't we have our own problems to deal with?

Here is the deal. The bystander is all of us at one point or another. We have all seen people being treated unjust or victims of mean-girl drama or guy bullying. By not taking a stand for what is right, the bystander becomes a contributor of sorts.

Don't put others down to uplift yourself

BULLY-FREE ZONE! (Anti-bullying song for kids!)

Don't be afraid of what others think

What can East do?

We already know that we need to completely get rid of bystanders. But how? How can East get rid bystanders and ultimately get rid of bullying?

What can a bystander do?

What we can do

There are so many possibilitys that the world should not have any bystanders which can eventually lead to not having and bully's... But it can start with a school.

If bystanders can follow either one of these simple rules we can help eliminate bullying all together!

1. They can distract the bully to help get the attension off the victim

2. They can tell an adult

3. They can stand up for the victim

ByStanders See All