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We're All In This Together--------------------August 9, 2020

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Commitment Forms are due by 11:59 p.m. TODAY, Sunday, August 9.

As of Saturday afternoon, 78% of our parents have completed the Commitment Form, however we are hoping to have 100% completed by 11:59 tonight. Last week our front team began making phone calls to families that have not completed commitment forms. Completion of this form is crucial. You are assisting our team in considering all aspects of the district’s guidelines as we plan for our Cheetahs. Completing the Commitment form by the deadline will allow us the opportunity to finalize plans in a timely manner.

Again, you will need to log into your Skyward account and complete the Commitment Form by 11:59 pm for each student enrolled. If the District does not receive a commitment form for a student by August 9, it will be automatically assumed that the student will attend on-campus classes.

Click on the link for instructions on how to complete the 2020-21 Commitment Form through the Skyward Family Access Center. If you need assistance completing the commitment or registration forms, please contact Mrs. Saenz at

Virtual Instruction

In Lamar CISD, our virtual option will require support from caring adults at home and within the online classroom environment. Activities are designed to ensure that students continue learning at the pace of the current Lamar CISD scope and sequence, as well as continue to develop a love of learning and gain appropriate academic and social-emotional skills. Through a well-developed virtual instruction model, students will continue to meet their goal of being future ready.

Classes within the virtual instruction option are created by Lamar CISD and follow the schedule of classes at the student’s home campus (secondary) or daily time expectations per content area (elementary). We will ensure open lines of communication between teachers, students and parents. Based upon the guidance from the State, the level of rigor, workload, time commitment and timing of classes will be the primary differences from the virtual instruction that occurred in the spring of 2020.

Lamar CISD will structure our students’ virtual instruction schedule to require students to participate in asynchronous and synchronous learning. Asynchronous learning is a curricular experience where students engage in the learning materials on their own time, interacting intermittently with the teacher via the computer or other electronic devices. Synchronous learning is two-way, real-time, live instruction between teachers and students through the computer or other electronic devices.

Lamar CISD expectations for asynchronous (online without real-time interaction) virtual instruction:

  • Complete asynchronous activities assigned each day.

  • Students show proof of participation in daily virtual instruction by satisfactorily completing assigned activities to demonstrate evidence of student learning (i.e. video, picture or activities submitted as lessons and/or completing assignments). Please note, not all lessons must have an assignment, as there will be teacher discretion on the number of assignments, as they follow the Lamar CISD grading guidelines.

  • Students and parents will communicate with the teacher when needing additional assistance, tutoring, etc.

Lamar CISD expectations for synchronous (real-time) virtual instruction classes:

  • Students will participate in synchronous class activities as assigned.

  • Students will follow the Lamar CISD dress code (uniform dress is not required).

  • Students are ready to learn.

  • Workspace is designated for the student.

  • Students will show their face on the screen to engage with the teacher virtually.

  • Students will sign in to Zoom with their first name and last initial.

  • Students will actively participate in the class.

  • Students will follow the District Code of Conduct.

The virtual instruction option has numerous differences based on feedback received from parents, students and teachers. Students who receive supplemental services or are in different grades will find that their services are developmentally appropriate. Key aspects of

Lamar CISD’s virtual instruction option include:

  • An improvement upon quality and depth of the curriculum.

  • Personalized learning opportunities.

  • A mix of pre-recorded videos and real-time virtual lessons.

  • Data-driven, personalized enrichment and intervention.

  • Some mandated related services, to be scheduled on an individual or small group basis, may also be offered on campus.

SKYWARD Family Access - Most Frequently Asked Questions

Top 3 Skyward Family Access Questions

Q: I’m logged in and don’t see the Online Forms button. What have I done wrong?

A: A few things could be the cause of this. Things to check are:

1. Is the parent logging in via an internet browser, not via the app? This functionality is only available through a browser.

2. Is the parent logging in as themselves – i.e. not as their student? Only guardians can fill out the form.

3. Is the parent a member of Family 1 in Skyward? Only Family 1 guardians can fill out the form.

Q: The parent says they are logged in as themselves and they are a guardian in Family 1 – they cannot see the Online Forms button. What do we do?

A: Please verify they are REALLY logged in as their guardian self. If you are logged in as a guardian, you will see “Family Access” above the student name in the top right corner. If you are logged in as the student, you will see “Student Access” above the student name in the top right corner. If they really are logged in as themselves and still cannot see the Online Forms button, submit a Skyward support ticket.

Q: The parent has forgotten their username or password. How can they get that?

A: Point them to and have them click on the “Forgot Username/Password” button. They will then enter the email address we have in Skyward and the UN/PW reset link will be emailed directly to them.

If you have further questions, please call the front office at 832-223-5600.

For Your Information

CEP Campus (Community Eligibility Provision)

Culver Elementary will participate in the Community Eligibility Provision Program for free breakfast and lunch. All students attending Culver Elementary during the school year will receive free breakfast and lunch. Students can bring lunch or enjoy a lunch from the cafeteria. Students receiving virtual instruction will have an opportunity to participate as well.

Meet the Teacher Event, August 20, 2020

Meet the Teacher will be held virtually. Parents and students will have the opportunity to meet and greet their teacher(s) and receive helpful classroom information to better the learning experience. Be on the look out for more information.

Back to School Drive Thru, August 21, 2020

Mark your calendar and be on the look out for more information.

Technology Distribution

In order to receive a district device, parents MUST complete the 2020-21 School Year COVID-19 Student Commitment Form and Beginning of the Year Forms in Skyward. Technology distribution will occur the week before school begins. More information to come.

At Home Learning Materials

In order to ensure success during virtual learning, Our Cheetahs will be provided with consumable textbooks to use at home during their asynchronous and synchronous learning. Any materials that are distributed should be kept so students may use them if they transition to face to face learning. These are not for personal use, but classroom learning materials. Expect more information regarding dates and times for distribution.

Dress Code

The campus dress code should be followed with both virtual and face to face instruction. We will follow the District's dress code as we did last school year.

Campus Communication

Effective two-way communication between families and schools is necessary for our Cheetahs success. During the school year, you can look forward to a bi-weekly campus-wide newsletter with information for the upcoming month. Please ensure that your Skyward email is up to date so that you receive current communication and plan accordingly.

Our teachers will communicate with parents and students via Canvas weekly with classroom updates. You also want to get signed up with Canvas. Canvas streamlines classroom communication. It is a “one stop shop” dashboard for you to stay “in the know” with upcoming classroom happenings, due dates, assignments, and links for your students to access additional resources that your child will need to find success. Your child's teacher will share more information with you before the first day of school.

You may also follow us on Facebook: Follow us for current announcements and pictures of fun and interactive learning taking place within our classrooms. You'll want to stay connected!

Beginning of the Year Forms

For the 2020-21 school year, all required Lamar Consolidated ISD beginning of year forms must be completed online through the Skyward Family Access Center.

Offering these forms digitally allows you the convenience of only updating information that has changed from last school year, while also helping us maintain accurate information to our student information system. Online forms will be available through the Family Access Center starting August 1 and all forms need to be submitted no later than Sept. 18. Your student’s schedule will not be available online through the Family Access Center until all of the beginning-of-year forms are completed for your student. Student schedules will be viewable online on Wednesday, August 19, if all online forms have been completed.

For those who need access to a computer or the internet, please call the front office for assistance (832-223-5600).

School Spirit Shirts and Masks

Our online store is open. You will have an opportunity to place an order until, Sunday 8/16. Click on the link below to order.

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Supply List 2020-21

2020-21 School Supply List

Please feel free to call the school with any questions, 832-223-5600.

Administrator's Contact Information

Principal C. Thomas,

Asst. Principal C. Flemming,

PreK-Kindergarten Registration

We are encouraging our families and community to enroll their eligible children in

PreK-Kindergarten. Please click on the link below to view the District's web page for detailed registration information.

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Upcoming Events


  • August 9 - Commitment Forms are due by 11:59 p.m.
  • August 18 - Beginning of the Year Forms are due
  • August 19 - Student schedules will be viewable online on Wednesday, August 19, if all online forms have been completed.
  • August 19 - Virtual Learning Drive Thru...4-5 p.m. (Distribution of technology and materials for our virtual learners.)
  • August 20 - Virtual PreK-K, ECSE, & Pegasus Orientation...3-4 p.m.
  • August 20 - Virtual Meet the Teacher...4-5 p.m.
  • August 21 - Parent Drive Thru (Distribution of materials and collect supplies for face-to-face learners.)...4-5 p.m.
  • August 24 - First Day of School. Doors will open at 7 a.m.


  • September 7 - Labor Day (Student/Staff Holiday)
  • September 17 - VIRTUAL Parent Night (PreK, K, ECSE, Pegasus and 1-5)
  1. Session I.....4-4:45
  2. Session II....5-5:30
  3. Session III...5:30-6


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