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Little People, Big Dreams, Bright Futures (09/16/2014)

Warning...heavy reading ahead!


There is an ABUNDANCE of information this week. Take your time reading through, and keep this handy as a resource. Every week I plan to highlight teaching and learning in the classroom. If you have something we ALL need to see, let me know!

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Ashley Mains

Although this picture is of one of our newest staff members, it really could be any of you sitting in this same spot. Assessing your students is a TIME-CONSUMING but CRITICAL piece of your instructional day. Your assessment of your children should provide you insight into their strengths and weaknesses from which an instructional plan can be built. Because we dedicate so much time to assessing, the results have to be valuable.

Here are 4 expectations after assessments are complete:

  1. Results are shared with families. Parents have a right to now where their child is at. This is also the time to solicit parent support to meet little Johnny's learning goals.
  2. Results drive instruction. Results of your children are unique to you. Their current performance should guide your instructional planning AND pacing.
  3. Results are shared with the principal. I keep an eye on all assessments all the time. What I don't hear enough is YOUR perspective. Who are you concerned about, excited about, nervous about? I also want updates- frequent updates. Tell me what is going well, and what you need help with. A principal never wants to hear about academic concerns from a parent without first hearing those concerns from a teacher.
  4. Results are referred to often. Monitoring progress is crucial if you are going to make gains on the learning goals of your students. Are all of your students going to grow at the same pace? NO. Can you follow your teacher manuals verbatim? NO. Must you be creative in meeting the needs of your 25 special ones? YES.

Meet Winfield's Cafeteria Staff!

Teacher Candidate Observation Opportunity

Indiana University Southeast has contacted us about hosting an Education practicum student for the fall. This candidate has expressed particular interest of working at Winfield.

Please let me know by WEDNESDAY the 17th if you are interested:

The F200 (Examining Self as a Teacher) candidate will be doing two 15-hour practica in two different schools. F200 candidates will primarily observe and may, at the classroom teacher’s discretion, assist with small groups or other appropriate tasks. The candidate will not be expected to teach a class. Your teacher will be asked to verify the number of hours and comment on the candidate’s prospects for becoming a teacher.

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September 17- PD Meeting (ALL-Discussions/Conferences/Element 17)

September 18 & 19- 2nd Grade Field Trip

September 19- Grade Level Meetings

September 22- School Board Meeting (Jillian Presents)

September 23- Principal Meeting (Jillian OOB in Indy)

September 23- McSchool Night 5-8pm

September 24- PD Meeting (ALL-CP 2.0 in conference room)

September 24- New Teacher Goals/Scales PD (All primary teachers at Winfield in PM)

September 25- SOTM Breakfast

September 26- Cross-Grade Level Meetings (Data Investigation)

September 26- Blood Drive Presentation during Lunches


  • Indicate Interest in Berry Red Reading Incentive. Let me know by Friday if you want your students to participate
  • Email Jillian about Reading A-Z (Yes or No)
  • Meet with your Grade Level Team about Math Standards
  • Update your Teacher Webpage. Are you posting your newsletter there?
  • Turn in your Professional Growth Plan (due 24th of September)
  • Continue sending your WEEKLY Classroom Newsletters. Include me on your email or submit a hard copy to my mailbox.
  • Complete GCN Tutorials (see link below)

All teachers must complete the following GCN tutorials

  1. Blood borne Pathogens
  2. Sexual Harassment
  3. FERPA
  4. Bullying

New teachers will additionally complete: Child Abuse, Confidentiality, and Ethics and Boundaries for School Employees.

You can access the tutorials at

Your organization name is: crownpoint

Your User ID is the first part of your CPS email address

*You cannot complete tutorials on an iPad. The program requires Adobe Flash.

Notes and Other News...

  • The district will be implementing different building hours at the end of the month. If you enter the building outside of these set times, you will be required to call Alert Alarm BEFORE entering and provide a password prior to entering to avoid tripping the alarm. Remember, YOU are responsible for setting the exit alarm if you are here when custodians are not (After 9:30 pm M-F, or on weekends). During these off times, ALWAYS enter the main door. More details will follow...
  • Please review the Enterovirus DV 68 information which was shared by Lori Taylor. It is important to remind your children to wash hands multiple times per day.
  • The DOE site is a great reference for working with English Language Learners. The Dept. of Education has updated the English Learner and Special Education Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) due to the change of assessment vendors. The updated guidance and additional resources for English Learner and Special Education teachers have also been posted on the evaluation website at:


While the Daily 5 is not a new revolutionary structure, it is different than what many parents experienced when they were in elementary school. It is important to communicate the "hows" and "whys" of using this framework. Suggested below are some talking points to share with parents.
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District Professional Development Resources

This month we learned about ELL procedures. That information is included here:


You can also access this related PowerPoint with step by step information and live links to more resources.

Note: Teachers are responsible for reviewing each ELL students’ Individual Learning Plan (ILP) and following the modifications and accommodations listed there. You can access this ILP by clicking on the blue ELL button on your RDS roster.

*On the 1st Thursday of the month, English Language Learners, Exceptional Learners, and/or High Ability will rotate to share information and strategies to meet these students’ needs.


1. Morning time on the 1st Thursday is dedicated and required for certified staff to participate.

2. The purpose of this time is to enhance teacher knowledge and understanding of service to students, legal guidelines, and staff accountability.

3. Buildings may alternate to have certified staff (and other key non-cert staff) watch the video trainings as a whole group, in small groups, or individually.


Teacher Effectiveness - iObservation

Introduction to Element 1 – Providing Clear Learning Goals and Scales

Please click on the link below to watch a video demonstrating the following:

·A clear learning goal and scale

·Using iObservation collecting teacher and student evidence for providing a clear learning goal and scale

·Determining an effectiveness rating for element 1, providing a clear learning goal and scale


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Physical Activity May Boost School Performance, Especially for Boys

Walking, bicycling to school linked to better reading scores in study

THURSDAY, Sept. 11, 2014 (HealthDay News) -- Children might do better in school if they're more physically active, a new study suggests. Researchers assessed the activity levels and reading and math skills of 186 Finnish children in grades 1 to 3.

The study authors, from the University of Eastern Finland, report a link between higher levels of physical activity at recess and better reading skills, and a connection between participation in organized sports and higher math test scores.

In particular, boys with higher levels of physical activity -- especially walking and bicycling to and from school -- had better reading skills than less active boys, according to the research team. They also found that boys who spent more time reading and writing during their leisure time had better reading skills than those who spent less time reading and writing. Also, boys who spent more time using computers or playing video games had better math test scores than those with less computer and video game time.

The link between physical activity levels and reading and math skills was weaker among girls, according to the study, published Sept. 11 in the journal PLoS One.

Though the study only found an association between activity and school skills and not a cause-and-effect relationship, the researchers said the findings highlight how physical activity can benefit children's -- and especially boys' -- school performance.

More information

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has more about children and physical activity

SOURCE: University of Eastern Finland, news release, Sept. 11, 2014

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Lilly Fellowship Opportunity

What’s on your bucket list?

• Where do your dreams and passions lie?

• What adventures have you postponed?

• Is there a country or culture you’ve always

longed to explore?

• Do you yearn for a spiritual journey?

• What inspires your sense of awe and wonder?

Lilly Endowment is pleased to announce the Teacher Creativity Fellowship Program

(TCFP) for 2015. TCFP supports lifelong learning among educators by enabling

them to pursue dreams and passions, explore new areas of interest, expand existing

talents, develop new ones and so forth.

Up to 100 Teacher Creativity grants of $10,000 each will be awarded in 2015.

Visit for more information!

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Calling All Coaches...

The district will soon be engaging in a Literacy Partnership with Purdue University. From this endeavor, we will be training literacy coaches to be housed in each building. This is a unique opportunity to take on a leadership role at Winfield.

What are the goals?

Everyone who participates will increase knowledge of student literacy development to apply in teaching and assessing for learning.

·Coaches will increase knowledge and develop skills of effective coaching.

·ELA Builders will increase knowledge of student literacy development, instructional practices, and assessment to incorporate in blended learning model.

·Principals will increase leadership abilities to manage school-wide literacy learning.

When is the training?

October 14, 2014

October 27, 2014

November 12, 2014

December 5 & 10, 2014

January 7, 2015

January 26, 2015

February 4th & 6th

March 27, 2015

May 18, 2015

Summer, 2015 – Literacy Training for all teachers

2015-2016 and beyond – Continuing Contact (professional development) for coaches

As you can see- it is a committment. If you think you have what it takes to be one of Winfield's new literacy coaches, you should possess the following qualities:

  • Successful teacher of literacy
  • Other teachers seek this teacher out for advice or the teacher has successful experiences collaborating with others
  • Presents information well
  • Can model effective instruction
  • Has experience observing classroom instruction or is willing to learn
  • Is hard-working
  • Is eager


If you are interested, or have more questions, please see Jillian.