The USSR beats the US 51-50 with a very controversal end

The Worst Game in Basketball

For the first time in the history of the United States, the US has lost in olympic basketball. To the Soviet Union. The US went into this game not expecting the power of the USSR, as the Soviets had played 400 games together while the US only played 12. Therefore, the Soviet Union lead most of game until the very end, where the US pulled ahead after being fouled and hit two free throws. Now down one point, the Soviets inbound the ball but at one second the game stops. Apparently, the Russians called a timeout just before the free throws, and three seconds were added to the clock. So, the Russians rebounded the ball again, and then the timer goes off. The US starts celebrating! However, the three seconds were not added on, and USSR rebounds the ball again, for a third time. They run down the court and land a layup, winning the game. All of the US players were extremely mad because the Russains had three chances to score, and it seemed like the reffs were favoring them. But the Russains felt it was entirely fair.