Summer Social Skills Activities

How Can Children Practice Social Skills over the Summer?

Role Play

Role playing can be an effective way to walk through situations that you anticipate will be difficult or to review past circumstances that might come up. Play with your kids. Use their dolls, Legos, action figures, or other toys, and role-play situations with them. Help them rehearse responses to everyday problems. Practice situations such as asking to join a group or how to handle a situation where two friends can’t agree on what to play.

For the older students, help them prepare for work with mock interviews or scenarios they could encounter on the job.

Play Board Games

Playing age appropriate board games can develop develop social, cognitive, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills.

But how do board games help teach social skills?

Board games are full of so many opportunities for children to practice social skills they will use out in the real-world, such as:

Waiting Patiently

Patience is a skill that children need to learn through many varied experiences. While playing a board or card game a child will have to wait patiently while other players take turns or set up the game.

Taking Turns

Learning to take turns with other people can be challenging! Playing a simple board or card game will help reinforce how to take turns with other people. You can use simple repetitive language like "my turn, your turn."

Following Rules

Learning what the rules are in a game and following them is a good skill to learn! There will be many times in your child’s life where he/she will need to follow a set of rules. Playing games will allow children to practice this skill!

Losing Gracefully

There is an art to losing graciously. Kids will benefit greatly by learning to lose without attaching too much emotion to the loss.

Being Happy For Another’s Win

Just as there is an art to losing graciously, there is also an art to being happy for another player’s win! Being happy for another player’s win in the face of your loss takes a lot of skills!

Visual Supports To Assist with Playing Board Games

Books that Teach Social Skills

Picture books are a great vehicle for introducing social skills. The book list below features numerous titles to help teach a variety of social skills topics.

Television Shows That Help Support Social Skills Concepts

When it comes to choosing TV shows for children to watch, the sheer number of programs available can be overwhelming. Some series exist as pure entertainment, but others are actually designed to help kids better adjust to the world and understand social concepts. The following TV shows may help reinforce social concepts.

Many Of The Shows Above Can Be Found At The Link Below

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Real-Life Application: The best way to develop your child’s social skills is just like every other skill. Practice! You’ll need to make sure they have kids to play with and practice those skills. Neighborhood kids are a great place to start. If you don’t have a lot of options around you head for the park, or invite friends from school over. Siblings are another excellent source of social skill building. Extra curricular activities like dance class and city league sports can also be a great social activity.

Our public library offers many free events where children can experience new things and work on social skills.

Lindale Public Library Events