Matt Hamill

bella fernandez

who, where, and when

DOB October 5, 1976 (age 38) Born in Loveland Ohio, he was born deaf and his grandfather showed him wrestling.

how did they become deaf?

He was born deaf.

what did they do?

He was mixed martial arts artist and he competed in UFC light heavy weight champion.

He has retire twice in his life.

He has only lost 5 matches ever in his life

" I try to always evolve through training. By training harder everyday the athlete naturally evolves psycholgically we evolve with time, we evolve with each fight. I've leaned alot from each of my fights.

impacted deaf community?

People told him that he wouldn't be able to fight .

final thoughts

He has a daughter.

He can read lips.

Didn't learn to sign till high school.