All About Me Flyer

Course Introduction Module


1. Using some type of technology, create an All About Me Flyer.

2. Tell me as much as you want about yourself. You might want to tell me about your family, things you like to do for fun, what grade level you think you might want to teach, and anything else you want to share.

3. Use pictures and clip art to enhance the flyer.

4. Put the url address in the d2l dropbox comment area, or download your power point, word document, or other document in the All About Me d2l dropbox

5. Use correct spelling and grammar.

6. Turn the assignment in on time

7. Get to know your classmates; share your flyer with the class using the button below, only share in your section of ELED 3300, If you do not have a flyer that has a website url, you can still share something about yourself by just typing on the padlet.

8. Total Points: 100 (everyone will receive the 100 points if you follow the directions listed above)

Optional Resources for Making the Flyer