Cultural assumptions & Interactions

Between races (natives and White Euopeans) after colonizing

The first assuptions

The english viewed the Indians as friendly and a resource for survival as well as trade. They traded with them for fur and food. The indians also taught the English how to hunt,fish, and plant crops (Squanto and the Pilgrims). The indians viewed the English as foreigners but also an ally to trade with for they had guns and knives...ect. The english although were friendly to the Indians at the beginning they didn't respect them or their land. The English also didn't mix with the natives unlike the Spanish.

But Then..

The greed from the English wanting to obtain more land from the natives, brought tension and conflict between the two races. The English thought the land was theirs from the claims of John Cabot and his claim of North America for England. The natives eventually had to move out of their lands.

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