Jordan Wright

How did camp life change prisoners

As a person

Camp life changed prisoners physical appearance. They because skinning to where you could see their bones. It was hard to walk. If they weren't strong enough, they would be "selected"to go to crematory and be burned. It changed most people's religion because they wondered why God would put them in this situation. Camps also changed people's emotions. Elie lost all emotions for his father when his father was beaten.

As a family

Some prisoners hated their family members or were willing to kill them for food. Other prisoners kept working working together for survival. Elie risked his life by running from one group to another to stay with his dad.

Their relationships with people

Camp life changed relationships because most of the time people kept to themselves and rarely talked to each other. sometimes people were so desperate for food and that they would kill or trample each other for food.


Theme 1

One theme in Night is "where is God?" when the prisoners were at their homes, they all believed in God and said "everything will be all right. God is with us." when they were on the road headed toward the camps, they began to question, "where is God?" At the camps , they began to question, "where is God?" at the camps they really started to question, and many lost there faith, wondering why God was not stopping this. He must not be real.

Theme 2

Another theme is the father and son relationship. Elie and his father became closer. They helped each other live by bringing each other food and water, and risking their lives to stay together. Elie saved his father. While Elie was on the train he saw this kids father with some bread for both of them but the kid killed his father for all the bread but he dead because other people saw the bread.

Theme 3

A third theme is that Hitler wanted to kill the Jews because they weren't like him and didn't believe like him and didn't believe like him so he wanted them dead. People can be so mean that they will kill to get rid of a person they don't want to bother with. This is like us with black people. We thought it was okay that they were enslaved and treated poorly. These are differences people can get over. Not everyone has to be like you.

Reveal about me

I personally hope that people don't think of me as a judgmental person. I don't believe racism and prejudice are correct. The holocaust makes me wonder why people would do this to other men and why this could happen

My Grandfather was in WW2 as a medic. I don't believe he had any part in the concentration camps. When I hear about WW2, T feel sadness because of these horrible things that happened during that war.