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Did You Know?

Did you know that there are fabulous training materials, provided by Younique, that you can access anytime? Go to your website, click on "My Office" and you'll see "weekly courses." Under weekly courses you'll find 5 guides/courses that you can use to help you launch strong, grow your business, and become a Leader! Just another awesome benefit of being a Younique Presenter!

Want to grow your business and need a plan? Have questions? Want to promote? Start sponsoring? Get more sales? First, answer this question: have you scheduled your weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions? If the answer is no, then get in touch with me TODAY! We can coach over the phone, online chat, skype/facetime, or in person (in the Baltimore area) and an average coaching session only takes about 15-20 minutes. My office hours are posted below, but if they don't work for your schedule, we can still schedule something that works for you. Personalized coaching is critical to your long-term success, and it's an awesome, FREE, benefit of working with me! Don't wait, reach out today and let's get your coaching sessions scheduled!

About Me & Office Hours

This email arrives at the beginning of each week. Keep your eye out for it!

Please email me by Saturday afternoons if you'd like to submit kudos for your team, share announcements, or any other pertinent info.

Some info about me for those who don't know me too well yet:

WHO: Jesse Cleveland

WHAT: Younique Presenter since February 2014, Full-Time Mom to my 7 month old cutie Orly, and lover of life!

WHERE: Baltimore, MD with a lot of New Orleans, LA and some other destinations too.

WHY: My WHY is to become a significant contributor to my household income without having to have someone else raise my child, to make a huge income in a short amount of time, and to be able to work where and when I want to. And diamond earrings!

HOW: A few months ago I left a lucrative position with another company to join Younique and I dove in head first. I am achieving my "why" by being passionate, enthusiastic, and ALWAYS positive about my "job." I tell everyone. I believe in our products because they are amazing, and I believe in this opportunity because it is HUGE and flexible and can fit your life however you need it to! I am beyond excited for our growing team and I take joy and pride in being able to help all of you achieve your goals as well!

I am always here for you! As you navigate this business and find what works for you, you will inevitably have questions. Your first stop should always be your sponsor, but I want to make clear that any of you, even if you're not on my first line, can always call me!

For those of you on my first line I would like to do a weekly check-in by phone with each of you. If you're in Bmore, I'd love to see you in person! And for those of you on my second and third lines, I would like to do a check-in at least once a month, but we can set up coaching as often as you see fit! My phone number is 504-289-7850 and my office hours for coaching are below.

Coaching Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Phone hours will be between 1130-1pm. We will need about 15-20 minutes per call. In person visits can be scheduled those same days between 1-3 anywhere around Bmore.