Teacher Leadership Newsletter

December 2015

Teacher Leadership Survey Data

Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out our first TLS Survey. A total of 274 teachers responded. The following is a short summary of the data collected.
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To clarify this data, just over 58% of respondents reported that they have worked individually with their Instructional Coach(es). Almost 76% have worked with them in a small group setting, and over 82% have worked with them in a large group setting.
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Lab Classroom Data

44.9% responded that they know how to find and register for a Lab Classroom experience.

6.5% reported that they have attended a Lab Classroom experience this fall.

The Lab Classroom Teachers and Digital Literacy Trainers will be working with their building administrators and teacher leaders to support and grow this program with a focus on supporting our new teachers, targeting building-level needs, and creating a library of video resources for our K-12 system.

What can the Curriculum Leads do for you?

As we continue to develop these new roles, the following quotes from your colleagues may spark some ideas regarding how the Curriculum Leads can help to support your work.

“[The Curriculum Lead] has been incredibly helpful and responsive working along-side our department in getting valuable DCA data. [The Lead’s] approach was to do what is best for all parties and knew the realistic demands and expectations of the teachers in our department.”

“[The Curriculum Lead] goes above and beyond to get teachers what they need! Our second grade team asked for help with creating data spreadsheets and [the Lead] had them created and personalized for us that day. [The Lead] helped us find a user-friendly way to showcase student data to parents and help our students with goal-setting!”

“The support I received from these two wonderful [Curriculum Leads] has really heightened student learning. Having someone help me with Blended Learning and having the resources ready for me really de-stressed my planning and wondering if it was going to be the differentiation that I was hoping for. [The Lead] has been a blessing in disguise, with resources and ideas to help students that need more or compacted curriculum.”

We hope you have a happy and healthy 2016!
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